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Meet the rising police team fighting street crimes while you’re sleeping at night.

Adelia Anjani Putri   30 May 2017 15:15

Have you heard of Jaguar Team? The police squad has become a rising rock star lately, at least on social media, ever since a video of the team arresting gang members went viral earlier this week.

They also became famous after they confronted a paramilitary organization planning to raid a motorcycle gang in Depok, West Java.

Despite the newfound fame, the team has actually existed for some years. It was established in October 2014 by the Depok Police as a special unit focusing on anticipating and fighting street crimes, brawls and illegal street races.

Former Depok Police Chief Sr. Commr. Ahmad Subarkah decided to form the team as a response to rising crimes involving thieves on motorcycles and with machetes, or locally known as begal, that year. In 2015, when Sr. Commr. Dwiyono, who is now the current North Jakarta Police Chief, took over Ahmad’s position, the team went through further development to upgrade their skills.

The team is currently led by 49-year-old Ins. Winam Agus, who also serves at Depok Police.

As a special team, Jaguar consists of several police officers from various units, including intelligence unit, crime unit, prevention unit and the administration. Each member is well-trained in close-quarters combat and raid techniques.

You might think why you’ve never heard of this team before. That’s probably because they’re working while you are fast asleep.

Jaguar Team is only active at night, precisely from 11.00 p.m. to 06.00 a.m. as the members would be on their own units and have their duties during the day.

But the double job does not come with double income.

“There’s no budget (for incentives for the team members) as this is an alternative strategy (to fight crime). We’re not in the prevention unit nor the mobile brigade unit. We’re new, to fight street crime,” Winam said to Kompas.

“But despite not having a special budget, we’re still working. This is not our supervisor’s order, we do this because the people need it.”



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