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It means disgraced leaders can find a way to be your leaders again.

Tunggul Kumoro   15 August 2017 17:50

West Java Election Commission ensured that former corruption convicts may run or be nominated in the upcoming 2018 simultaneous elections with one condition: they are required to publish their track record to the public.

West Java KPU Chairman Yayat Hidayat explained that such policy was regulated in the Law on Regional Election No. 10/2016.

"Based on the Law on Regional Head Election, they could run or be nominated [in an election] even one day after being released from prison," said Yayat.

Yayat continued, "They have to announce to mass media, saying that they're former felon when registering at the KPU so that it wouldn't be a problem later."

However, such policy doesn't apply to ex-convicts of drug dealing and child sex offenders. They are absolutely not allowed to register or be endorsed in election.

Few names have taken the policy into their advantages, for instance, former Bank Indonesia Chief Burhanuddin Abdullah who has been appointed as one of the candidates to run in the forthcoming governor election by the Great Indonesia Movement Party (Gerindra).

Burhanuddin himself was known to be sentenced to five years' imprisonment for the misuse of Rp 100 billion in BI funds in 2004.

He was released on May 2010 and currently serves as Gerindra Boards of Expert Chief for Central Executive Board (DPP).



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