Image: Instagram/muhadkly

And so the dispute and the legal battle continue...

Petra Hapsari   16 August 2017 11:30

Comic Muhadkly alias Acho refused to sign draft peace agreement between him and Green Pramuka Apartment.

Acho reportedly met Green Pramuka Apartment spokesperson on Monday. However, the points delivered were different from the early deal.

“Deadlock. They did not keep the original points in the drafts of agreement. When I was about to sign it last night, their print out was different from the draft we’ve agreed,” said Acho to SINDOnews.

During yesterday's press conference, Acho revealed that he's had enough with the mediation process with the apartment management.

“I am actually tired with mediation, especially if it’s just end up like it,” Acho said.

Acho also questioned their intention in finishing the problem.

“We have reached [the agreement], but they change the draft again. Do they actually have good intention or not?” Acho continued.

Acho added that he is ready if the problem should be finished by legal process.

“Insya Allah, from my side [we are] ready to face anything,” he added.

Green Pramuka sued Acho after he allegedly committed defamation and libel following his complaint to them.

Both sides then reportedly agreed to finish the problem through peace agreement, however, Acho currently refused to sign it since the points in the draft they brought were different from their earlier deal.


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