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First the Quran, now Jesus statue? Gosh.

Petra Hapsari   10 August 2017 10:15

Two people have been proven guilty for corrupting money which was supposed to be used to build the statue of Jesus Christ in Siatasbarita, North Tapanuli, North Sumatera.

Murni Alan Sinaga and Sondang M Pane corrupted Rp 6.2 billion which they got from North Tapanuli 2013 budget.

“Although both defendants have admitted their deed and promised not to repeat, but their actions did not support the government’s program in eradicating corruption,” local Corruption Court’s Panel of Judges Chief Nazar Effendi stated.

Both Murni and Sondang have been sentenced 15 months of imprisonment along with Rp 50 million fines.

In their action, they have changed the basic materials which were used to build the statue, which is from copper to aluminum.

“The fact is the quality of the concrete does not meet the specification and geometric, so the statue of Jesus is categorized as failed,” Kejari Tarutung Special Criminal Section Head said.



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