The heart-shaped Pulau Cinta in Gorontalo is the perfect place to celebrate the love of your life!

Retno Wulandari   11 August 2016 12:50 - Pulau Cinta, the Island of Love, in Gorontalo is shaped like a heart and a landmark for lovers.

In a time of war the island, also known as Pulo Cinta, became a secret place for the young Prince of Gorontalo to meet his forbidden love, the beautiful daughter of a Dutch trader. Under the shining stars, they celebrated each other far from the bloodshed.

Now dubbed the Maldives of Indonesia, Pulau Cinta is more popular and on track to becoming one of the hottest honeymoon destinations in Indonesia.

1) Pulau Cinta is in the Tomini Gulf off Sulawesi. 

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2) How often can you play on a swing over the crystal clear sea?

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3) Or maybe take an evening stroll along the white sandy beach?

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4) It’s the perfect place for a private snorkel. 

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5) The eco-resort has bungalows over the water. 

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6) The island sit off the coast of Gorontalo province, on the island of Sulawesi. 

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7) You can wake up to this every morning. 

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8) Dip into the water as easy as you like. 

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9) You are the mermaid here!

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10) Swimming through the sea of amazing coral reefs

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11) A lazy day. 

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12) When you book a package, a speed boat will pick you up in Bolihutuo Beach. 

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13) It takes just 25 minutes to reach the island on a speedboat.

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