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Tunggul Kumoro   15 July 2017 12:20

Bandung-based rock 'n roll band Speaker First will be the only and first Asian band to perform at the Woodstock music festival in Kostrzyn Nad Odra, Poland, August 3, 2017. As the festival's official website announced on April 2017, Speaker First is slated to play in the prime time and on the same stage with bands from around the planet, including, Clock Machine, Molotov Jukebox, Amon Amarth, Slaves and Prong, and will be witnessed by at least 150,000 people.

The news has warmly welcomed by the band, local media, fans, audiophiles and many Indonesians including Bandung Mayor Ridwan Kamil who congratulated the band through his Instagram.

Well known for its blues rock music style, Speaker First has been in a tough and long journey which finally bring the band to their latest formation: Mahattir Alkatiry on vocal and bass and the twin Beni Barnady and Boni Barnaby on guitar.

Speaker First once decided to break up a decade after they formed themselves in 2003. The band had released 'Whatever You Say' in 2004 followed by an album for Original Soundtrack of 'Gie' a year later. 'Dunia Milik Kita' released in 2009 was the latest full-length album from the band before they decided to launch an EP 'Muda dan Berani', confirming the band has never been away from bluesy rock genre.

It was only last year when the trio decided to make a comeback and after performing in London, England, in one cultural fest, the band kicked off a mini tour to let the market judged the genre they played. The response were positive and Londoners were pleased.

Back to their own country, Speaker First, which was later handled by William Hidayat of MyWill Entertainment, made their way to perform at the Muse Expo in Los Angeles where finally five international labels caught their signals and marked their presence.

The band later received an offer to rock 50 cities in America and Europe. Their purely rendered music — which has been muchly influenced by bands from golden age of rock like Led Zeppelin, Ramones, The Doors, also QOTSA, Wolfmother, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club — considered to have revived the true meaning of music in the countries in which electronical music reigns nowadays.

The rock and roll has been running through their veins and they have no reason to abandon the genre.

The band's first international single ‘The Anthem’ has now amassed an airplay from over 20 major radio stations across the US. Their radio show tour held last March, "Passport Approved Live" initialized by an independent organization Passport Approved across 7 cities on West Coast US, has put Speaker First in the hearts and minds of the Americans.

Now, going all the way with their raucous, straight and no compromise sounds, coupled with a thunderous drum bangs and ballsy vocals, Speaker First is ready to make a history as the first Indonesian rock 'n roll band to earn success in the global music scene.



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