IF someone reacts like this toward you don’t mean he will with others, so better start looking for another more suitable one.

Celia Tholozan   20 June 2016 11:29

Brilio.net - Love makes lovers blind. However, everyone agrees that a good relationship is based on compromised. Marriage guidance counsellors have set up a list of some characteristics, that according to them, will never lead to build a happy relationship.

Those traits are actually not revealing one’s personality but ways the other reacts towards his relation with you, and if the person acts like one of the 6 situation mention later, then you know it’s probably never going to work how you expect it to work. IF someone reacts like this toward you don’t mean he will with others, so better start looking for another more suitable one.

1. Someone who doesn’t invest 100% in the relationship
When you fall for someone and realise he/she isn’t invested as much as you are in the relationship, you always want to believe that things might evolved. Consciously knowing inside of you that it won’t be the case.


2. Someone who will never admit he/she is wrong
You can keep your frustration for yourself for a while but on a long run, to deal with someone who will never admit their faults will just turn this frustration into anger and constantly fight.

3. Someone who doesn’t have the same sense of humour
Life is though sometimes and there’s nothing better than a good laugh to get over some situations. If your partner’s humour doesn’t seem funny or the other way around, seems like the overall communication in the couple will be falsified, both forcing not to be natural.


4. Someone who’s won’t grow at the same time than you
It has nothing to do with age: some people share the same age but are at totally different point in their lives. When it comes to relationship and especially stable ones, it is important to be looking in the same direction to move forward. If you don’t evolve at the same time as your partner, many problems will come to the surface and create frustrations and fights.

5. Someone who lacks empathy toward you
Same than number 2, if you partner doesn’t understand you or doesn’t make the effort to put his or herself in your shoes, the miscommunication will lead to continuous disappointment and finally to no communication at all.


6. Someone who’s not your biggest supporter
Probably the most important aspect of a relationship: if your partner in life, the one you choose to be by your side turns out not to be on your side, then it’s the best indicator that this isn’t a relationship that can work. Even if conflicts of course can occur and you don’t have to support each other’s decisions all the time, but in a general manner, to feel supported by the partner is a pillar in a quality relationship.



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