Giving your mate handkerchief is considered as a sign that the relationship would not last long.

Victoria Tunggono   01 February 2016 09:51 - Maybe you are deeply in love with your partner and the whole world belongs to you. You may want to do anything, go anywhere, make anything together and be the most lovey-dovey couple in the neighborhood. But there are some taboos you should avoid to prevent your relationship from falling apart. Never, ever do these things below if you want to save your relationship.

1. Give them handkerchief

Funny as it sounds, giving your mate handkerchief is considered as a sign that the relationship would not last long. Handkerchief is used to wipe tears or blow nose (in this case, of crying) and you don’t want to cry when you’re with your lover. Then again no one is using handkerchief these days so you can skip the idea even when you find a really cute one to give to your lover—or just buy it for yourself.

2. Give them perfume

This prohibition has also been handed down in generations in Indonesia that giving your lover something fragrant like perfume will make your relationship end soon. Perhaps the smell would cover your true smell away and they would find it difficult to recognize you. This sounds superstitious to some people but who would dare to try if there’s already a saying? If you are given perfume from your lover, pay whatever amount you want to as a sign that that you are purchasing it from them to cast the spell away from you.

3. Give something sharp as gift

Just like the perfume, giving your partner knife, scissors of other sharp object might harm your relationship. Maybe you see no relevance here but theoretically sharp things are used to cut something and you surely don’t want to cut anything from your lover. Like the perfume, if your partner gives you this as gift, give them back some cash at any amount as a sign that it is not being given to you as gift. Therefore you’ll push the curse away.

4. Make a tattoo on your partner’s name

Believe it or not, inking your lover’s name on your skin will only make you end up alone. Although there is no scientific reason to prove this myth to be true, almost all of the people who carry their lover’s name on their skin would always go back to the tattoo artist to have it covered with other design. As alternative, have your wedding date, couple favorite things or matching design tattoo if you really want to cherish your love and show it to people from your skin.

5. Go to certain places together like Prambanan Temple or Bali Island

Some places in Indonesia are sacred or cursed that every unmarried couple that visits it would end breaking up in short time after. Although many don’t believe such myths, real time examples already happened and became proofs that certain places like Prambanan Temple, Bali (the whole island) or the Red Bridge in Bogor Botanical Park have its own rules for its visitors. There are lots of cursed places in Indonesia, and most of them are also tourism destinations. So make sure you always check before you decide to go on a romantic vacation.


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