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Think you’re wasting away your single life watching GoT? Think again.

Retno Wulandari   15 July 2016 09:35 - The epically popular HBO series has booze, sex, assassinations and horrific wars as its characters race to claim the Iron Throne.

The world of Westeros is a tough place, but if you look carefully through the murderous plots, deceit, backstabbing, exploding heads, dire wolves, dragons and ice zombies, you can find some pretty great advice.

SPOILER ALERT if you haven’t watched the first two seasons.

1. Love needs compromise

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We all remember Daenerys Targaryen at the start of the show after she was betrothed and then married the Dothraki khal. She faced challenges and big changes and she definitely compromised on a lot of things. At first it was to satisfy her controlling brother Viserys, who wanted a deal with the Dothraki. Daenerys puts in the hours to please the Dothraki ruler, and slowly but surely the balance of power shifts to her side. The bloodthirsty Khal turns into a gentle lion cub in her arms of Daenerys, proving that love has all the power to change even the hardest people.


2. Think first

Before his life-changing meeting with the sadistic Ramsay Bolton, it’s hard to imagine that the promiscuous Prince of the Iron Islands Theon Greyjoy would get a reputation for being shy with the girls.

But promiscuous he was, and on returning home to the islands after growing up in Winterfell as a hostage, he immediately hits on the girl who turns up to greet him. It’s only when they reach the castle that she reveals her true identity - Yara, his sister.



3. Maybe he’s just not that into you


Most women have at least one Jon Snow in our love story: the eligible bachelor who is super-hot, extremely attractive, smart, effortlessly cool, accomplished and a bit mysterious. And oh, he’s also amazing with his sword.

But Jon Snow knows nothing!


4. Love will find a way

More Jon Snow! Known for being rather indifferent to women, Jon Snow eventually has a girl hit him like a ton of bricks. He finds true love in Ygritte, despite their striking differences. Jon grew up in a castle, and Ygritte lives beyond the Wall, in the wild. But when it comes to love, those differences (should) mean nothing. Even though they want to hate each other, they can’t.


5. Love yourself before you love others


Look at Tyrion Lannister, the dwarf and darling of millions of GoT fans. Tyrion is witty, mischievous and intelligent, and has an incredibly thick skin. What the outcast of House Lannister lacks in size, but he more than makes up for in intelligence. Even his own family tries to ruin any relationship he built, and everyone throws insults his way.

Ok, yes he does drink … a lot, and sleep around. But still, if he can carry on. What’s your excuse?



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