Don't rush to look for it on the market yet.

  9 Juni 2024 11:30

Brilio.net - Mopping can be done regularly as needed so that the floors of the house remain hygienic. However, after the mop is used many times, the color of the cloth usually turns dull. Apart from that, mops also sometimes have a fishy smell which is quite annoying.

If you often find your mop is dull and smells fishy , there is one washing trick you can try at home, you know. One of them, you can wash the mop with the addition of citron (citric acid). Citrus is known to have high acidity to help repel stains and odors.

However, if you don't have a stock of citrus at home, don't rush to the market to buy more mop first, because there are still other tricks. There is a trick for washing mops so that the dull color and fishy smell disappear from netizens on the TikTok account @mieconiaa, here. After all, this trick only relies on three kitchen ingredients.

Tricks for washing dull and fishy-smelling mops.

First, prepare a bucket filled with enough hot water to soak the mop later. Then, add salt, baking soda, and enough dishwashing soap. Yup, those are the three main kitchen ingredients to practice this mop washing trick. Stir until all ingredients are evenly mixed.

Tricks for mothers to wash dull, fishy-smelling mops  TikTok

photo: TikTok/@mieconiaa

After that, immediately soak the dull, fishy-smelling mop in the cleaning agent mixture in the bucket. Leave it for a few moments.

"Soak until the dirt dissolves," said the owner of the TikTok account @mieconiaa, quoted by BrilioFood on Sunday (9/6).

After soaking and the mop is clean and odor-proof, then rinse the mop using running water.

Tricks for mothers to wash dull, fishy-smelling mops  TikTok

photo: TikTok/@mieconiaa

Well, that's a trick for washing mops so they don't get dull and smell fishy anymore. How about it, the trick shared by TikTok account user @mieconiaa is effective even without the addition of citrus, right?

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