foto: YouTube/Bunda Pri

If you don't have time to go to a specialist carpet cleaner but need a carpet quickly, you can use this method.

  9 Juni 2024 09:30 - Carpets are usually used when holding events at home, so that guests can sit underneath comfortably and not get cold. On the other hand, many people also use carpets to make their house look aesthetic. There are many types of carpet that you can choose from, just adjust it to your taste.

However, any type of carpet must be cleaned regularly so that the color does not become dull and full of germs. Many people choose to wash it with water and soap, then dry it with a vacuum cleaner. On the other hand, there are also those who want to be practical and just take the carpet to the laundry.

Well, netizens on Bunda Pri's YouTube account have another way to clean dull carpets, you know. After investigating, this method is no less effective in making dull carpets shine using one kitchen ingredient. On the other hand, this method also doesn't make you wait long for the carpet to dry even if you don't use a vacuum cleaner.

Steps to clean carpets using dish soap.

So, the only kitchen ingredient needed to practice this method of cleaning carpets is dish soap . Dissolve a little dish soap in a basin filled with clean water, then stir until evenly mixed.

How to clean a dull carpet so it shines  YouTube

photo: YouTube/Bunda Pri

After that, dip a soft brush into the dishwashing soap solution. Directly rub the brush evenly on the carpet. Yup, the process is just like this, without pouring dish soap directly on the carpet, so the carpet can dry quickly later.

"The brush is getting dirtier, which means it has succeeded in removing the stain," said YouTube account owner Bunda Pri, quoted by BrilioFood on Saturday (8/6).

After all parts of the carpet had been brushed, the netizen known as Bunda Pri continued the process of cleaning the carpet by sweeping it with a broomstick. Next, let the carpet spread out on the floor and air dry. How about it, you don't need to use a vacuum cleaner anymore, right?

How to clean a dull carpet so it shines  YouTube

photo: YouTube/Bunda Pri

Why can dish soap be used to clean carpets?

By relying on dishwashing soap, it turns out you can clean the dirt on the carpet. This dirt usually comes not only from dust, but also oil and grease spills when someone eats on the carpet area. The chemical content in dishwashing soap is what plays a role in cleaning dirt here. For example, such as cleaning agents, thickeners, fragrances, and there are also antimicrobial substances in dishwashing soap which help eradicate oil, fat and other dirt on the carpet. Even though it is not the main ingredient for cleaning carpets, dish soap can be a mainstay when you are in a pinch or don't have time to go to a specialist carpet cleaner. Interested in practicing it right now?