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This time Lingvistov comes around with funny “10 things every foodie can relate to” illustrations.

Retno Wulandari   14 March 2016 18:30

Brilio.net - If you, like us, wake up in the morning and find your stomach is already growling or are starving to death at 10 am, then these illustrations will speak to you on a spiritual level.

The folks behind Lingvistov, a band of creative Russians, are specialized in cute, relevant cartoons and most of them turn out to be perfect representatives of our bittersweet daily life.

After creating a set of entertaining illustrations about the joys of sleep “I could be a morning person if morning happened around noon” and the benefits of having a cat as pet “cat teaches you not to waste time,” this time they come around with funny “10 things every foodie can relate to” illustrations.

We bet these people may understand us better than we understand ourselves.

1. The eternal struggle

2. I don’t share food. Did I make myself clear?

3. The ultimate secret to happiness

4. Don’t bother, this is also our fitness regime

5. Mission statement

6. True story

7. From a winner’s perspective...

8. Who are these people?

9. True philosopher

10. Tech would bring us to a new level of imagination


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