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Indonesia has a big pool of talent when it comes to comic, art and games.

  08 August 2017 13:12

Brilio.net - When we talk about comics, cartoon and pop art, we usually refer to the ones in Japan or United States. But do you know that Indonesia also has a pool of emerging artists whose artworks are as good as the ones from abroad. Hundreds of artists gathered at last weekend's Popcon 2017 in Jakarta. Here are some of them.

Dinan Hadyan

Dinan Hadyan is one of rising fanart artists. Fanart can be defined as a piece of art created by individual, in which the image resembles or refers to a certain or preexisting character from comics, movies or video games.

Dinan exhibited the work she made by picking the unusual side of her fanart in which she focused on K-Pop as its theme. Particularly, the affinity between idols and fans as well as the unexposed side of the stars. For her, fanart is not just a mere illustration, but a visual embodiment of a fan on idols.

Dinan Hadyan (right). (Photo: Popcon 2017)

One of her most particular work is turning EXO's Sehun into her muse with "Artificial Lover" as its theme. By applying watercolor and unique collage portrait media, Dinan imagined her idol in two sides; one for Sehun of Exo and one for Oh Sehun.

Drawing illustrations is not only Dinan's expertise as she is currently busied with projects, including a collaboration with other artists for the 'Respective Perspective' exhibition and workshop, also a cover designing for a novel "Assallamualaikum Oppa."

"Of all projects, conducting a workshop is the most memorable one. There is a pleasure to know many people who shared similar interest and were keen to learn together," said Dinan when interviewed on 2017 Popcon.

Dinan however is not alone as Dini Hadyan, her sister, was also participating in the event by providing a watercolor-based artwork parenting along with Dessy Safira, Tri Asrie Khalidya, and Adinda Maya.

Tito Sigilipoe

Born in Salatiga, Central Java, little Tito Sigilipoe had too much love for animals and his hobby of drawing. The alumnus of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of Gadjah Mada University was a key animator and freelance inbetweener in one animation studio in Yogyakarta. Creating column comic strips is also his finery as he used to contribute some of his works in faculty's magazine. His experience in raising animals and his drawing skill blend in a book titled ‘Dog Lovers Book’ he made to inspire people.

The book started from his anxiety seeing the growing number of abandoned animals. He then dedicated himself to make a book that provides every 'how-to' in treating dogs.

Tito Sigilipoe (left). (Photo: Popcon 2017)

Tito Sigilipoe in Popcon 2017 displayed a series of affordable stickers to raise public awareness to adopt abandoned animals rather than having to buy them.

Tito has been making his own comic in his blog. It took quite some time to convince his family that he wants to be a comic artist, but he was determined to prove that the profession is capable of helping people to understand the surrounding life and environment better.

"We can contribute in preserving the environment, and [become] sensitive to animals around. Perhaps, many people think it's difficult to take care of those animals due to the expensive cost, but taking care of the environment will later be good for animals around," said Tito.

He has been using his own website and Facebook fan page to launch the campaign all this time. In the future, he is determined to create more comics that can reach more people through digital media like Instagram.


Doodle could be translated as graffiti, thus Doodle art could be defined as a drawing style that includes of both meaningful and nonessential lines.

The imminent desire to introduce and change the general perception on doodle art was started from a mere small chat when the Full Of Doodle Art Indonesia (FODA) community only consisted of a few artists in Surabaya. Established on January 13, 2012, FODA now has bases in Yogyakarta, Solo, Semarang, Malang, Bandung, Jakarta and Palembang.

FODA (Photo: Popcon 2017)

FODA has become a vessel for artist to share tips, techniques, tutorials, favorite tools, also idea and passion. Membership is not binding and open to public as people could join and immediately participate in FODA's activities.

"Hopefully, our friends in the community can continue to develop, especially when we already had connected with the community in Southeast Asia. So, we hope there'll be an opportunity to have exhibitions outside Indonesia," said Doodle artist and FODA public relations Shabrina at Popcon 2017.

This community also often collaborates with other communities for an event.

Johanes Park and Jessica Leman

Couple Johanes Park and Jessica Leman probably only need only a reason to return to Indonesia for publishing their own comic, Gula Komik.

The couple first met when both were involved in a college project as both are bachelor of Digital Animation in Kyungsung University, South Korea. The project led to the creation of Gula Comic that narrates the story a pink-haired candy-like girl and her wizard friend who lives in Indonesia.

Johanes Park and Jessica Leman (Photo: Popcon 2017)

While in Korea, the two got their opportunity to observe and compare both Korean and Indonesian comics. The devotion to create Indonesian characters that has more diverse background, however had made them decided to go back to their origin.

The development of Gula Comic had received a lot of positive welcome, especially from children in Indonesia. Even in near future, the characters they create will soon get the patent.

As is known, the copyright for fictional character has been turning essential in making every further expansion optimal in the current growing local creative industry.

Now, Johanes and Jessica are facing the lack of connection in Indonesia, making it difficult for them to publish and collaborate their work. The couple is also known to have been participating in webtoon challenge as their promotional media.


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