The video blogger has been living in the country for years.

Andry Trysandy Mahany   31 July 2017 08:50

What do you have in mind when you hear the words “North Korea”? Probably not much.

Or maybe what you will have in mind is about how ‘private’ they are and how their government always keeps their eyes on the people.

But do you know there is an Indonesian living for quite long time there?

Meet Jaka Parker, an Indonesian who lives in North Korea. Through his social media account @jakaparker, he gives us a glimpse of how life is in the secluded country.

Here are some pictures, fresh from North Korea!


1. Jaka claimed to have been living in Pyongyang since 2012 due to his job


2. Here are some university students in North Korea wearing special uniform


3. They also have policewomen whose job is to control the traffic


4. The road in Pyongyang is pretty quiet and has wide sidewalk


5. Workers in Pyongyang. Many of them have identical hairstyle


6. Pyongyang also has skyscrapers!


7. One of markets in Pyongyang. People sell various things starting from meat to clothes; and mostly the sellers are women


8. Young army members in North Korea


9. In a barbershop, Pyongyang


10. Some North Koreans also become stock farmers


11. Giant mural of Kim Il-sung and Kim Jong-Il in the corner of Pyongyang


12. A village in Sonchon County. According to Jaka, this village is around 160 kilometers from Pyongyang


13. A minimarket. Jaka mentioned that the freedom of foreigners in North Korea is very limited. Not all things can be bought and there are special racks with more expensive price


14. North Koreans standing in front of giant statues of North Korean leaders


15. A clean river in North Korea



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