The accounts of Harvey Moeis and other suspects have now also been blocked

  2 April 2024 09:50 - Investigators from the Deputy Attorney General for Special Crimes (Jampidsus) at the Attorney General's Office confiscated two luxury cars from the residence of Harvey Moeis , the husband of Sandra Dewi, who is a suspect in the criminal act of corruption in the tin trade system in the PT Timah Tbk Mining Business Permit (IUP) area in 2015 to 2022.

Director of Investigation (Dirdik) Jampidsus Kuntadi in Jakarta, Tuesday, confirmed the confiscation of two vehicles from suspect Harvey Moeis, namely a Rolls Royce and a Minicoper.

"That's right (the Rolls Royce was confiscated) and the minicoper," said Kuntadi, quoted from Antaranews, Tuesday (2/4).

After being confiscated, the luxury vehicle was taken to the Attorney General's Office at around 23.00 WIB. It is known that the car was a gift from her husband during Sandra Dewi's 40th birthday celebration last August.

Previously, Kuntadi said that his party was conducting a search at Harvey Moeis' house in the Pakubuwono area, South Jakarta, on Monday (1/4).

The search was carried out after Sandra Dewi's husband was named a suspect on Wednesday (27/3). Harvey Moeis, is said to be an extension of PT RBT. Apart from the search, Kuntadi admitted that he had blocked the suspects' accounts.

"Regarding whether there has been any blocking action, we have been carrying out blocking for a long time, not just now and continue to develop," said Kuntadi.

Simultaneously with the search, investigators are also examining four witnesses, one of whom is RBS alias RBT. The RBS examination was carried out after investigators named the suspects Harvey Moeis and Helena Lim, crazy rich PIK.

Kuntadi said that the RBS summons and examination were in order to shed light on an incident. "So today we summoned and examined RBS as a witness," said Kuntadi.

In this case, Jampidsus has named 16 people as suspects, namely SW alias AW and MBG, both mining entrepreneurs in Pangkal Pinang City, Bangka Belitung Islands Province.

Suspect HT alias ASN as Main Director of CV VIP (a company owned by Suspect TN alias AN); MRPT alias RZ as President Director of PT Timah Tbk 2016-2021; EE alias EML as Finance Director of PT Timah Tbk in 2017-2018.

Furthermore, BY as Former Commissioner of CV VIP; RI as President Director of PT SBS; TN as beneficial ownership of CV VIP and PT MCN; AA as Operational Manager of the CV VIP mine; RL as General Manager of PT TIN; SP as Main Director of PT RBT; RA as Director of Business Development of PT RBT; ALW as Director of Operations in 2017, 2018, 2021 and Director of Business Development from 2019 to 2020 PT Timah Tbk.

Then, two suspects attracted public attention, namely crazy rick Pantai Indah Kapuk (PIK) Helena Lim as manager of PT QSE and Harvey Moeis, as an extension of PT RBT.

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