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Before he was arrested, Harvey Moeis was known as someone around him who was too generous

  1 April 2024 08:45 - Sandra Dewi's husband, Harvey Moeis, is currently a hot topic of conversation because he is a suspect in the alleged tin corruption case. No joke, the case that previously ensnared crazy rich PIK Helena Lim was said to have cost the state up to IDR 271 trillion.

As a result of this act which was detrimental to the country, Harvey Moeis was caught in Article 2 Paragraph (1) and Article 3 jo. Article 18 Republic of Indonesia Law Number 31 of 1999. As amended and supplemented by Law Number 20 of 2001 jo. Republic of Indonesia Law Number 31 of 1999 concerning Amendments to Republic of Indonesia Law Number 31 of 1999 concerning the Eradication of Corruption Crimes in conjunction with Article 55 Paragraph (1) 1st of the Criminal Code.

He also faces up to 20 years in prison and a maximum fine of IDR 1 billion, as well as the obligation to pay compensation equivalent to the amount of assets allegedly obtained from corruption.

This incident was certainly unexpected by the public, considering that Harvey is known as a family man and has been rich since birth. Even during his marriage to Sandra Dewi, Harvey Moeis was far from unpleasant gossip. He is even often praised as a dream husband.

Harvey Moeis' charitable habits  YouTube

photo: YouTube/RI Prosecutor's Office

Sandra Dewi is also not a closed person when talking about her household. This mother of two is a figure who often reveals the other side of her mysterious husband.

One other side of Harvey Moeis revealed by Sandra Dewi was her husband's generous attitude. This 40 year old woman was so generous that she repeatedly reprimanded Harvey.

Sandra expressed this when talking with presenter Daniel Mananta. In the video uploaded to the Daniel Mananta Network YouTube channel, Sandra said that Harvey often provided large amounts of assistance.

"Nowadays, many people are asking for help, like asking for work, then hospitals are asking for help," said Sandra as quoted by from YouTube Daniel Mananta Network, Monday (1/4).

There were so many that Sandra couldn't stop thinking about the amount her husband had disbursed. He even admitted that he was worried and afraid that his family would be shortchanged if Harvey failed to provide assistance.

"So sometimes when I'm at the office I don't know who he's doing charity with, when I'm at home I know someone is calling, asking for help, I'm like 'Ha, that's crazy, what are we going to eat tomorrow'," he continued.

Harvey Moeis' charitable habits  YouTube

photo: YouTube/Daniel Mananta Network

Not only that, Sandra often reminds her husband of the existence of their two children who still need a lot of money. However, this still cannot eliminate Harvey's habit of continuing to help the people around him.

"I often remind him, when I do charity, I remember having two children, our son is a boy. That's how I found out, it turns out he helps a lot of people," said Sandra.

"Just why he helped someone is beyond my limits," he added.

Sandra also said that sometimes she felt that Harvey's habits no longer made sense. Even so, it turns out that Harvey has noble desires behind every rupiah he spends.

"That's why I often ask, because I think his kindness no longer makes sense to me. You can imagine, he often gives bonuses to his employees, he wants to see his employees progress. Basically, people who follow him must progress," explained the woman. Disney Princess fan .

"So according to him, what he gives now, his children can also see. Be a good example for his children. According to him, what he gives will be reaped by his children," he explained.

Harvey Moeis' charitable habits  YouTube

photo: YouTube/Daniel Mananta Network

Daniel Mananta, who was the matchmaker between Sandra and Harvey, also knew exactly that the man who worked as a mining entrepreneur was indeed very generous. It's very easy to give.

"Yes, that's what I know, for example, someone, I'm really sorry, asked him for Rp. 100 thousand, then Harvey is the typical person who gives Rp. 10 million, plus this too. Don't forget to bring this, I also have food that I can give you. That's Harvey really," said Daniel Mananta.

Sandra admitted that Harvey's kindness had an impact on her family. According to her, she often received gifts from Harvey's friends, and she even compared her house to receiving tribute for her husband's good deeds.

"But indeed, every day I'm at home it's like I'm getting tribute. People give us food, things, really, if Harvey's friends were really sincere, they wouldn't need to be posted," he said.

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