People generally know scabies as scabies.

  10 Mei 2024 22:25 - Who here has ever felt very strong itching accompanied by the appearance of red spots on the surface of the skin? If you ever feel it, don't ignore it, you know. This could be a symptom of scabies, which is known to be easily transmitted.

Scabies may still not be known to many people. People generally know scabies as scabies. Apart from that, this disease is also often underestimated, so the process of transmitting this disease can easily occur. If left unchecked, scabies can infect all areas of the skin surface, especially skin folds or between the body, such as between the knuckles of the fingers, wrists, elbows, neck, and even the genital area. In severe conditions, scabies can be complicated by bacteria/germs which can cause serious wounds accompanied by pus all over the skin.

Before that happens, you need to know more about this easily contagious scabies disease. The information you need includes understanding scabies, the causes of scabies, and the easiest and most effective way to treat scabies. This is useful as a preventative measure as well as handling the transmission of the disease.

No need to wait any longer, let's read this article until the end. The following is the definition, causes and ways to treat scabies, summarized by from various sources, Friday (10/5).

Understanding scabies.

Scabies has various sources


Scabies or what is commonly known as scabies/scabies is a disease that attacks the surface of human skin. Scabies can infect humans caused by a mite called Sarcoptes scabiei. These mites will live in the surface tissue of the skin, until they reproduce and lay eggs. This causes the body to react with extreme itching, thus encouraging the sufferer to want to always scratch the skin infected with scabies. As a result, from one point affected by scabies, it can spread throughout the sufferer's body. The itching caused by scabies will be worse at night or when the body is resting.

Scabies can spread very quickly. The transmission process can also be through direct physical contact, or through other intermediaries from the sufferer to the people around him. Usually, scabies is a disease that is very common in environments where many people live close together and in groups. For example, dormitories, Islamic boarding schools, boarding houses, and the like. The cycle of scabies can also be exacerbated due to poor personal and environmental hygiene, as well as the use of alternating items, increasing the potential for scabies to spread quickly.

Symptoms of scabies.

Some of the symptoms felt by scabies sufferers include itching which gets worse over time from one or two points on the surface of the skin. Usually, scabies often occurs in areas of skin folds, such as between the fingers, elbow creases, armpits, and the genital area.

The next symptom is the appearance of a rash on the skin or the appearance of water-filled bubbles on the skin. Because the itching effect is so strong, on accident the bubbles burst, and the water inside spreads to the surrounding skin area. As a result, because there is one point of skin tissue that is open, more dirt/bacteria/germs enter that layer of skin. Until finally a large number of red spots appear on this area of the skin. Well, in severe conditions, these spots are filled with pus and dirty blood.

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Causes of scabies.

Scabies has various sources


The main cause of scabies is the Sarcoptes scabiei mite. The presence of this mite is very difficult to detect because its size is so small that it is difficult to see with the naked eye. Initially, the mite will bite the sufferer's skin tissue and live in it. Then the mites will reproduce and lay eggs on the surface of the skin. After the mite larvae hatch, the mites will invade further until they spread to other areas of the skin surface. In addition, direct skin contact with other people can be a medium for rapid transmission of scabies. Several other factors that cause scabies include:

- Direct skin contact with scabies sufferers

- Sharing items, such as towels, pillows, mattresses, clothes with other people

- Living in groups and side by side for long periods of time, such as dormitories, Islamic boarding schools, orphanages, and the like

- A lifestyle that does not pay attention to personal and environmental hygiene

- Body endurance is decreasing

The easiest and most effective way to treat scabies.

Scabies has various sources


Even though scabies is known for its rapid spread, preventive measures and efforts to overcome it can be easily carried out and are guaranteed to be effective. The easiest and most effective way to treat scabies is as follows:

1. Immediately check and consult a doctor.

The first step you can take in treating secabies is to consult a doctor to get the right diagnosis. The doctor will confirm whether you really have scabies and provide appropriate treatment recommendations. Later the doctor will check the condition of your skin if it has symptoms of scabies. Don't forget to ask the doctor to clean the infected skin area so that it becomes sterile and free from other threatening bacteria/germs.

2. Use a special scabies cream/ointment

The most common and effective treatment for treating scabies is by applying a special cream/ointment to the area of skin infected with scabies. The cream that doctors recommend for treating scabies is Scabimite, you can get it at the nearest pharmacy. Apply the cream medication correctly following the instructions for use listed, keep the area where the medication is applied away from water and dust so that it is more effective. Make sure you apply it on the right skin points, such as between the knuckles, wrists, skin folds, elbows, and the genital area. Also pay attention to the time of application of the drug, use it regularly with recommendations for correct use.

3. Take medication to reduce itching.

In some conditions, the itching caused by scabies can be very strong. This often torments the sufferer to the point that it makes it difficult to carry out daily activities. Therefore, you can also ask for recommendations to take additional medication to reduce the intense itching.

4. Wash all clothes and fabrics.

Apart from taking medicine and applying cream, you also have to clean everything that is stuck to your body. Be it clothes, or other things that you always use, such as towels, socks, shoes, mattresses, pillows and so on. Use hot water in the entire washing process, so that the germs and bacteria hidden behind it die quickly. Make sure that after washing all your clothes, always dry them until they are completely dry. Because if clothes and other fabrics are left damp, they are a medium for spreading fatal diseases.

5. Clean the living environment.

The final step you can take is to clean your living environment. Clean all areas of your residence down to all corners, even locations that are not accessible to the eye. Give antiseptic medication to areas that you use frequently to make them cleaner and anti-bacterial.

That is the meaning, causes, and how to treat scabies. The hope is that after you know this information about scabies, you can care more about your own hygiene. If you feel you have contracted the symptoms of scabies, immediately consult a doctor. Also be careful when making physical contact with other people so that scabies is not easily transmitted. Hopefully this information is useful, OK?