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Sule felt very happy because he was still given the opportunity to walk his eldest son down the aisle.

  10 Mei 2024 18:45 - Rizky Febian and Mahalini Raharja officially married on Friday, May 10 2024. This wedding ceremony was held behind closed doors at the Raffles Hotel, South Jakarta. It was seen that only family and closest relatives were present at this sacred event.

Before the wedding ceremony this morning, Sule delivered a message to his eldest son. In a tone of emotion, this father of five children talked about his first and last marriage. This was conveyed by Sule on his YouTube channel, SL Media.

The feelings were so mixed. As a father, Sule said he was very happy and did not expect to be able to walk his first son down the aisle.

"Haru, I want to cry, I'm happy. So I didn't expect that I would marry my child. My child wants to marry Rizky," said Sule, Friday (10/5).

Sule's message to Rizky Febian  2024

Sule's message to Rizky Febian
Youtube/@SL MEDIA

In Sule's eyes, Rizky Febian is a good child and never causes trouble to his parents. His eldest son grew up to be an extraordinary man.

"Since I was little, I've had lots of stories, I salute Iki. It's extraordinary. I'm really proud of Iki. He's a pious, honest child. He's an understanding child who has never caused trouble to his parents. Yes, that's really extraordinary," continued Sule.

After Rizky and Mahalini Remi got married, Sule congratulated and gave a message to his son. Sule further hopes that his son's marriage will be the first and last.

"A Iki from the deepest part, dad just said. Congratulations, live a new life, hopefully this will be the first and also the last," he said.

On that occasion, Nathalie Holscher's ex-husband also advised his son to take care of his small family and guide his wife.

"Father entrusted Lini, please guide her in a better direction. She will also guide her religion," continued Sule.

In the last video, Sule advised that as a husband, Rizky Febian could be patient with his wife.

"Basically, you have to be a responsible man. You have to be able to talk, you have to be a real man. The point is, it's emotional, guys," he concluded.

You can also see Sule's tears almost spilling when he conveyed advice to his son. The upload also received a positive response from netizens. They were moved and considered Sule to be a father who loves his children.

"How come I'm crying when I see this wedding dress with Kang Sule's deep words. Hopefully we will be a samawa family, aminnnn," said @user-gg5yc5xu6b

"Masya Allah., Haru, Kang Sule, a message from a father to his oldest child. I hope this and this mahal tea will become a samawa family, under the protection of Allah. SWT," wrote @dedahjubaedah2656

"When Kang Sule gave advice to Rizky... gave me advice... samawa to Rizky and the line... until death do us part," said the account @anindhita7481