Being teased doesn't suit Happy Asmara because of her age

  10 Mei 2024 12:40 - The public was shocked by the relationship between Gilga Sahid and Happy Asmara. Starting from duet friends, who would have thought that as time went by, this singer couple seemed to become more intimate on every stage.

Via social media, Gilga Sahid once called Happy her life partner. The public was shocked because there was no news that Gilga and Happy would get married. It's not surprising that many netizens believe that the relationship between these two singers is just a gimmick.

There are even those who say that Gilga is considered less suitable for the singer of "Rungkad". Netizens think that Happy Asmara is too old when compared to Gilga. In terms of age, Gilga Sahid (26 years old) is only one year older than Happy Asmara who is now 25 years old.

"Sir, don't be with Happy, it's not suitable. This bro is handsome, Happy is old," said one netizen on Gilga Sahid's live broadcast.

Gilga Sahid joins Happy's defense agency  various sources

photo: Instagram/@gilgasahidh

Inflamed by these comments, Gilga Sahid immediately attached himself to Happy Asmara. He asked netizens not to corner his partner. This is where Gilga's call to Happy is revealed. Without hiding anything, the musician from Madiun firmly stated the singer's name as his wife.

"If you want to bad-mouth me, just bad-mouth me! Not my wife!" replied Gilga Sahid, quoted from TikTok @leana_denta95, Friday (10/5).

For Gilga, Happy Asmara is a beautiful and perfect woman in his eyes. As a partner, Gilga certainly understands Happy's life better than anyone else.

"I understand my life and that of my life partner better," he explained.

Gilga Sahid joins Happy's defense agency  various sources

photo: TikTok/@leana_denta95

Gilga Sahid hopes that netizens will no longer attack his wife. Gilga said that instead of commenting on other people's lives, it's better to introspect yourself.

"It's better if you keep quiet and focus on your own life. Sorry if my words are unpleasant," explained Gilga.

Footage of this interaction then appeared on the TikTok account @leana_denta95, Tuesday (6/5). From the replies to these comments, fans realized that Gilga and Happy Asmara were married.

"Just found out they are married. May sakinah, mawadah and warohmah last until the end of life," said @nooerans.

"Hehehe, that's it. If you follow the IGS exclusive, you'll know. Later it will be repeated as well as the big party reception," said the content creator.

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