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Her mother and sister's IG accounts are still there, but...

  14 April 2024 11:58 - The figure of Sandra Dewi is still in the spotlight of netizens. As is known to her husband, Harvey Moeis has been named a suspect in the alleged tin commodity corruption case since last Wednesday (27/3). Harvey Moeis was charged as a suspect in the alleged crime of money laundering (TPPU).

Meanwhile, Sandra Dewi was also questioned for 5 hours by the Attorney General's Office last Thursday (4/4). Since then, Sandra Dewi's social media has been flooded with comments from netizens, many of whom regret the case.

However, now Sandra Dewi's Instagram account has suddenly disappeared. Previously, her Instagram account was @sandradewi88. Now, when looking for the account, it can no longer be found.

Instead, what you will find is a warning that says ' Sorry, this page isn't available. The link you followed may be broken, or the page may have been removed. Go back to Instagram '.

It is not yet known what caused this 40 year old woman's account to disappear. However, currently there are lots of fake accounts that use the element @sandradewi88.

IG account of Sandra Dewi's mother and sister  2024

photo: doc. Instagram

So far, Sandra Dewi is known to be active on social media. Instagram also supports his work as an influencer. Such as for endorsement needs or promoting their business.

Apart from that, he also often shows his luxury and togetherness with his family. No exception with his mother and sister. However, when you look closely, the Instagram accounts of the mother, Catharina Erliani, and her sister, Kartika Dewi, are different from usual.

IG account of Sandra Dewi's mother and sister  2024

photo: doc. Instagram

The IG accounts of Sandra Dewi's mother and sister are still there. However, both of them no longer show photos of Sandra Dewi on Instagram. Yes, the latest photo of Sandra Dewi appears to have been deleted by her mother and sister from the social media homepage.

On Catharina Erliani's Instagram, only one photo remains of her with her three children as a child. The photo is an old photo taken in 1987.

IG account of Sandra Dewi's mother and sister  2024

photo: doc. Instagram

Meanwhile, Kartika Dewi's account only has 9 uploads left. Both Sandra Dewi's mother and sister also limit comments on Instagram.

So far, Sandra Dewi's younger sister often shows her togetherness with her older sister. Like when they went on holiday abroad together which he immortalized in the highlights. However, now these highlights are no longer visible on his Instagram profile.

Apart from her mother and sister's accounts, Sandra Dewi's jewelry and skincare business Instagram account now also appears to be limited to comments on each upload.

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