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Interestingly, this time Putri got inspiration for writing lyrics from reading the meaning of Surat At-Thalaq Verse 3.

  7 Maret 2024 16:11 - Putri Ariani started 2024 with enthusiasm. As is known, this young singer started his musical journey when he was 13 years old. Now, after several important achievements such as reaching the final of America's Got Talent and the opportunity to collaborate with Alan Walker, Putri Ariani is back with a new single entitled "Keep Your Good Steps".

This song which contains a positive message was also released ahead of the good month of Ramadan which will be coming in a matter of days. Carrying the pop genre, the song "Continue Your Good Steps" is less than 3 minutes long. The lyrics of the song were written by Putri to motivate listeners to avoid feeling hopeless in living their lives according to religious guidelines.

Interestingly, this time Putri got inspiration for writing the lyrics from reading the meaning of Surah At-Thalaq Verse 3 which commands people to surrender only to Allah. The America's Got Talent finalist assured that there is always ease in every difficulty faced by humans.

"I believe that no matter how big the wounds and problems humans face, just hoping for His help will be a good step to make this life always meaningful," said Putri.

This 18 year old girl hopes that her new song can provide positive energy for herself. He believes that all life's struggles when facing sadness are always accompanied by effort and prayer, making someone brave enough to take another step.

"I hope that with the release of this song, anyone who listens will rise from their downturn. As speech is prayer. "I pray that the message contained in the lyrics is conveyed well," concluded Putri.