Sabda is said to have paid off his debt to Wulan Guritno.

  7 Maret 2024 14:40 - The chaos over the IDR 396 million that Wulan Guritno was involved in in court has come to light. Not wanting to prolong the problem, Wulan is said to have withdrawn the civil lawsuit against her ex-lover, Sabda Ahessa, at the South Jakarta District Court (PN), Thursday (7/3).

The withdrawal of the lawsuit was conveyed by Sabda's attorney, Aditya Anggriadi, after undergoing a trial. Based on the agreement of both parties, the trial ended peacefully.

"As mentioned by the judge, thank God the civil trial between our client Sabda and Wulan Guritno has ended peacefully," said Aditya Anggriady as reported by from

Peace occurred after Sabda Ahessa, through his attorney, communicated intensely with attorney Wulan Guritno. Communication was carried out to find a solution to the problem of the lawsuit for bailing out house renovation funds.

"This was also due to the intense correspondence between us and Mrs. Wulan Guritno's attorney," explained Aditya.

Wulan Guritno agreed to peace  Instagram

photo: Instagram/@sabdaahessa

Then Sabda was said to have paid the money sued by Wulan Guritno. However, the nominal repayment agreed upon by both parties is different from the initial lawsuit filed by Shalom Razade's mother.

"Payment has been made but it doesn't match what's in the lawsuit. That means we'll take it in the middle, so to speak," he said.

"There is already a nominal agreement," he continued.

When asked about the nominal amount, Sabda Ahessa could not reveal the agreed nominal amount. The reason is that the nominal is confidential between the lawyer and the client. The most important thing is that now the two of them have reconciled.

"We're sorry we can't reveal or provide information regarding the nominal because there is confidentiality between me and my client. So maybe thank God it's peaceful," he said.

Wulan Guritno agreed to peace  Instagram

photo: Instagram/@sabdaahessa

Meanwhile, Wulan Guritno, through her attorney, Ficky Fernando, confirmed the peace agreement with her ex. He also emphasized that the client officially withdrew the civil lawsuit as of today.

"Yes, of course there will be a bill from us. We have conveyed it and have had discussions which can finally be resolved," said Ficky Fernando.