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Jessica Mila even asked her mother for advice because she was worried about her condition after giving birth.

  7 Maret 2024 12:05 - Soon Jessica Mila will assume the status of a mother. Her pregnancy is now 9 months old. According to the Expected Birth Date (HPL), she is expected to give birth in mid-March.

Happiness radiated in every moment during her pregnancy. In fact, quite a few netizens praised her appearance and body, which remained beautiful even though she was pregnant.

However, like a pregnant mother who is waiting for the birth of her child, Mila is often haunted by fear and worry. Behind all the happiness shown, tears still emerged due to the worry he felt. Mila also revealed what she felt through a video uploaded to her Instagram account.

"Actually, I'm just like other expecting mothers. There's a lot of fear and worry," said Jessica Mila , quoted by from Instagram @jscmila, Thursday (7/3).

The 31-year-old woman shared the worries she felt as a mother-to-be. In fact, lately he often cries for no reason because his feelings have become more sensitive.

"Even though I often show my best moments on social media, that doesn't mean I never feel worried. During pregnancy, my feelings became more sensitive and uncertain, I could suddenly feel sad and then cry," she wrote.

Jessica Mila cries before giving birth  Instagram

Jessica Mila cried before giving birth

While crying, Mila contacted her mother, Magdalena Jane Baker via video call. He expressed what he was feeling to his mother.

Mila is afraid of experiencing baby blues after giving birth. He also felt afraid that his life would change and he would not be able to give the best to his future child.

"I'm just overthinking. Maybe I'm worried about a lot. I'm afraid that my life will definitely change, I'm afraid that I'll have baby blues, I'm afraid that my milk won't come out. I'm just afraid that I won't be able to be a good mother for my child in the future. ," he concluded.

Luckily, in those difficult times, her mother's presence was able to provide support and prayers for Mila. Mila's mother also asked her daughter to surrender to God.

"Mila must rely on God. God will definitely enable Mila to overcome her feelings. Mama will always be there for Mila. Mama's love is forever, bro," said Magdalena.

Jessica Mila cries before giving birth  Instagram

Jessica Mila cried before giving birth

Magdalena also suggested that Mila calm down before giving birth. He believes his daughter is able to overcome all the things that worry her.

"Mila needs to be calm before giving birth. So that her little sister can also be calm. Mama also used to study, indeed we all learn. Mama is sure that Mila will definitely be able, she will definitely be able, because God is with Mila," said Magdalena.

The imperfect film star also felt very grateful for the presence of the best support system while she was going through the pregnancy process, one of which was her mother.

Jessica Mila cries before giving birth  Instagram

Jessica Mila cried before giving birth

It can be seen that the video he uploaded was a form of appreciation for his mother who had supported him during his pregnancy. Jessica Mila also looked calm after talking to her mother.

Don't forget, Jessica Mila also provides encouragement for other prospective mothers out there. He believes that for every worry, there will always be beautiful moments to remember.

"For those of you who are feeling the same thing, remember that you are not alone on this journey. Even though it sometimes feels hard, there is strength in every step and beauty in every moment," he concluded.