The poetry collection book, which was just released on January 31 2024, immediately became the spotlight of netizens.

  4 Februari 2024 13:13 - After taking a hiatus from the world of acting, Natasha Rizky is now focused on being a businesswoman and pursuing her hobby of writing. His achievements in the world of writing have also been proven through the books he has published. After releasing two books entitled Chronicle Notes and Says Young Marriage, this beautiful actress has released her latest work.

His third work, which was just released on Wednesday (31/1) with the title You Are Not Special, has a special meaning. The choice of this headline was apparently deliberately intended to poke fun at the people who often suffer the most , as recently expressed by Natasha Rizky.

Natasha denies being inspired by her story  Instagram

photo: Instagram/@natasharizkynew

"The title of this book is a metaphor that we are not the only creatures of Allah who are tested. So, never feel like you suffer the most alone because all creatures created by Allah will be tested," said Natasha Rizky, reported by from, Sunday (4 /2).

In contrast to the poetry collection Chronicle Notes which is based on personal stories, the woman known as Caca emphasized that the content contained in her latest book is more universal. Caca said the book was not inspired by her story, but by the personal experiences of the people around her.

Natasha denies being inspired by her story  Instagram

photo: Instagram/@natasharizkynew

"This book is not about me and Natasha Rizky's life story. Taking inspiration from the people closest to me, children, even people I don't know," stressed Natasha.

He also added that Caca said that the work on the poetry collection Kamus Not Special did not take long, only two months. This was due to the editor's deadline who wanted to provide illustrations in the book to make it more interesting.

"Thank God, because the deadline from my editor asked for it to be fast, Allah made it easy for me to make it quickly. There are a total of seventy-six poems and they were completed in just two months to speed up the illustration process. Because if you make a poem for a long time, the illustration will also take a long time," concluded the mother of three. this child.