Angela and Krisjiana have strong chemistry in soap operas.

  2 April 2024 19:40 - It is known that Krisjiana Baharudin is currently focusing on the world of acting. It is known that Siti Badriah's husband is currently involved in a soap opera project with actress Angela Gilsha. The two of them became a couple in the television soap opera entitled Love Ends Happy.

Even though their soap opera will air in early March 2024, Krisjiana and Angela already seem close. In fact, they often create content together on TikTok.

Seeing Krisjiana's closeness with her co-stars made netizens worried. Considering that many artists are involved in loving locations when playing soap operas. It's not surprising that many people have warned the 29-year-old man not to get involved in love or love with Angela because of their strong chemistry in soap operas.

Siti Badriah responds to rumors of cheating on her husband  various sources

photo: Instagram/@krisjianabah

Hearing that her husband was given a warning to be careful not to get involved in cheating with his colleagues in soap operas, Siti Badriah then opened her voice. Apparently, the dancer was actually surprised by the rumors circulating.

"Who said that? Did someone say that? Oh yes?," he was quoted as saying by from TikTok @p1sangkubelummasak, Tuesday (2/4).

According to Siti Badriah , the relationship between Krisjiana Baharudin and Angela Gilsha was limited to professionalism at work. The singer of the song Lagi Syantik also believes that both of them understand the boundaries in a professional relationship.

"They are definitely professionals, they know their limits. So, if you're worried about cheating, don't worry at all," he said.

Siti Badriah responds to rumors of cheating on her husband  various sources

photo: TikTok/@p1sangkubelummasak

In fact, not long ago, Siti Badriah visited the shooting location to provide food to the production crew. From that experience, she felt confident in her husband's loyalty.

"I just came back from Thailand and bought milkbun for my friends at the location. I trust them both," said the mother of one child.

In her fifth year of marriage, Siti Badriah admits that she increasingly trusts her husband. The reason is that according to Siti Badriah's explanation, everything her husband did on the shooting location was purely professional.

"There are no cinloks, none at all, they are professionals, they know their limits too," he explained.

"It's true that I read the comments like that, but I believe they are truly professional," he concluded.

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