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This event is an appreciation of Indonesia's everlasting work from the music, culinary and cinema industries

  2 Juni 2024 19:20 - Gaung Merah will be held again. At the second event this year, the event which carries the tagline Gaung Merah SeGALAnya will be present in 25 cities in Indonesia after only stopping in 10 cities last year. This event is free of charge and everyone over the age of 18 can visit and try the fun of the activities.

This event, which presents music, culinary and cinema concerts, will be held from June 2024 to February 2025. Sukabumi will be the first city to be held on June 8. After that the event will continue in a number of cities, namely

Tasikmalaya, Kotabumi, Palembang, Dumai, Padang, Pontianak, Manado, Palu, Makassar, Lhokseumawe, Padang Sidempuan, Pematang Siantar, Denpasar, Jember, Kediri, Surabaya, Magelang, Solo, Tegal, Purwokerto, Bogor, Serang, and Jakarta.

Iwan Fals Gaung Merah  2024 photo: andriyansyah

Just like last year, legendary singer Iwan Fals was appointed as the main presenter. It is not without reason that Gaung Merah chose Iwan Fals as the main performer. Understandably, the singer whose face appeared on the cover of TIME magazine in the April 29 2002 edition as Asian Heroes has a series of songs that are timeless.

For example, the song Oemar Bakri which narrates the life of a teacher with his simplicity but life as it is, is still relevant to the current conditions of teachers' lives, including the song Surat Buat Rakyat Representative which has its own place in the hearts of fans and still has a soul to this day.

It could be said that Iwan Fals created many timeless works that are still fitting and pleasant to listen to today. Apart from that, Iwan Fals' songs are also full of depictions of people's social life, the environment, and even love songs that are not sappy.

Iwan Fals Gaung Merah  2024 photo: andriyansyah

This is one of the reasons why Gaung Merah placed Iwan Fals and his works as the central point of this year's Gaung Merah ALL event. At least, Iwan Fals' works are in line with Gaung Merah's vision as a platform to appreciate Indonesia's everlasting works, which are not only music, but also cinema and culinary.

"Since it was first held in 2023, we want to make this event a One Stop Entertainment of Everlasting Experience as well as an appreciation for all things legendary and quality from the music, cinema and culinary industries," said Fabio Junot Ardelto as Gaung Merah representative in jump event at Pos Bloc, Central Jakarta recently.

In essence, Gaung Merah SeGALanya is not only about nostalgia, but also talks about works that can transcend time, so that they can inspire the next generation.

Apart from Iwan Fals & Band and special guests such as T'KOOS Band and other well-known singers, this event, which is a celebration of timeless works, will present each city's favorite culinary delights and thematic installations from the best everlasting films. Apart from that, there are also game booths, photos and other interesting activations.

Iwan Fals is ready to kick off

Iwan Fals Gaung Merah  2024 photo: andriyansyah

Responding to preparations to visit 25 cities in Indonesia, Iwan Fals explained a number of preparations. Exercise is of course the main spirit. Iwan Fals will appear with a band which is mostly fronted by young people, including his youngest son, Raya Rambu Rabbani.

Iwan Fals will give a special appearance that is different from last year. Of course, at the event, Iwan Fals will perform a number of his hit songs for 2 hours. "The difference is of course time. In what year was the song, Kemesraan dan Bento written? "But it still sounds like new," said Iwan Fals.

For this event, Iwan Fals emphasized that he would present songs with themes about life, love, the environment and everyday life. Currently, the Tiga Rambu team which houses Iwan Fals and the band under the leadership of his wife, Rosana or who is familiarly called Mbak Yos, is preparing 300 songs that will be curated to be performed at Gaung Merah SeGALAnya 2024.

Iwan Fals Gaung Merah  2024 photo: andriyansyah

Regarding everlasting works, according to Iwan Fals, the quality of the work is determined to make it able to survive through time, and is eternal and irreplaceable. "For this reason, I am happy to be able to participate again in the Gaung Merah SeGALAnya event, because in this event we can appreciate the quality needed for a work to be immortal and burn for all time," said Iwan Fals.

What is clear is that Gaung Merah Everything is not just a music concert and entertainment event. However, it is full of appreciation for everlasting works that are timeless.