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Musicians and creators can take advantage of the various supports offered by TikTok through TikTok Rising Indonesia.

  28 Maret 2024 11:05 - After launching TikTok Music some time ago, TikTok is now launching the TikTok Rising Indonesia program again. This new TikTok program is here to discover and support developing local musicians. Not only that, through TikTok Rising Indonesia, musicians can also build networks between fellow musicians and communities. In line with TikTok's mission to inspire creativity and bring happiness, TikTok Rising Indonesia focuses more on highlighting local talent, whether tied to labels or independent.

Musicians and creators can take advantage of the various supports offered by TikTok, such as the hashtag #RisingOnTikTok and other features available on the platform to showcase their work and interact with the community. Apart from that, the hashtag #RisingOnTikTok is also a place to discover Indonesian musical talent in the future.

The TikTok team consistently monitors this hashtag to find up-and-coming musicians who are trending on TikTok. These musicians will then be invited to join the TikTok Rising Indonesia program.

Once part of this program, these musicians will be guided to utilize the tools and features in the application that can be used to strengthen their presence while interacting with new audiences.

TikTok launches TikTok Rising Indonesia program  various sources

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Product Strategy Lead TikTok Artist Services SEA, Christo Putra, stated that TikTok is known for its ability to discover new talents and facilitate relationships between musicians and fans. New musicians who come from various genres and musical backgrounds can show how rich Indonesian music is.

"Their hit songs that top the charts are loved by listeners of all ages and continue to create new breakthroughs. We want to continue to improve and promote these talents on our global platform, this time through a new program called TikTok Rising Indonesia," he said in a press conference attended by on Wednesday (27/3).

TikTok launches TikTok Rising Indonesia program  various sources

photo: Suci

TikTok offers various features to showcase talents and interact with the community, such as duet, stitch and LIVE features. Apart from that, there are three features on TikTok Rising Indonesia that can be used to help new musicians promote their work, namely #BehindTheSong. This hashtag can be a tool for renowned songwriters and music producers to share their creative process in creating special music and globally recognized songs.

There is also a Music Tab feature for sharing songs and connecting directly with fans. For musicians who have previously released songs on digital streaming platforms, 'Artist Account' allows them to display their songs in the 'Music Tab' on their profile. Lastly, there is an Add-to-Music App feature that fans can use to save songs they find on the TikTok platform to the music streaming service of their choice.

Top musicians such as MALIQ & D'Essentials also use TikTok as a way to reach new audiences. It has been proven that the 2 latest singles have gone viral and are often used as background songs in TikTok videos.

TikTok launches TikTok Rising Indonesia program  various sources

photo: Suci

"When we first started trending on TikTok, we found young fans and a new audience who wanted to listen to our music. Surprisingly, they not only liked our new releases, but also learned our old songs, some of which were even released before them was born," said Indah Wisnuwardhana.

MALIQ & D'Essentials personnel also admitted that through TikTok Rising Indonesia, they could see other people's reactions to the music they created. They also feel enthusiastic about building connections with musicians across generations.

Meanwhile, Indonesian Idol graduate, Ghea Indrawari admitted that TikTok brought quite big changes to her life. Many people know him from the content he uploads to TikTok.

"TikTok brought big changes to my life. At first, many people didn't know that I was a singer, they knew I was a TikToker because I liked creating content. When I was active on TikTok, over time people started to get to know me and listen to my works," explained Ghea.

TikTok launches TikTok Rising Indonesia program  various sources

photo: Suci

The musical work of the band from Jakarta, The Lantis entitled Lampu Merah is also very popular on TikTok. The song, which has received more than 371,000 reaction videos on TikTok, has been listened to more than 40.5 million times and is ranked #94 on the 'Top 200 Indonesia' charts on Spotify.

As part of the launch of TikTok Rising Indonesia, TikTok also held a TikTok Rising Indonesia Music Showcase featuring 10 talented musicians ranging from MALIQ & D'Essentials, Ghea Indrawari, Jaz Hayat, The Lantis, Avolia, Aziz Hedra, Fabio Asher, Stevan Pasaribu, ENVY *, and DJ duo Feel Koplo.

In this event, MALIQ & D'Essentials performed 4 songs including 2 new singles, namely Oduh and Kita Bikin Romantis. Aziz Hendra performed his hit song entitled Somebody's Pleasure. Meanwhile, Ghea also performed her hit song entitled This Feeling of Love and a Sad Soul.