On the eldest daughter's 2nd birthday, Atta Halilintar gave her a car as a gift which was estimated to cost IDR 1 billion.

  23 Februari 2024 17:20

Brilio.net - The eldest daughter of Atta Halilintar and Aurel Hermansyah, Ameena Hanna Nur Atta, turned 2 years old on Thursday (22/2). At this moment when she was getting older, Ameena received a special surprise from her parents. Not only was there a festive celebration, Ameena also received special gifts from Atta and Aurel.

The couple, who married on April 3 2021, is known to have given a gift in the form of a luxury Hyundai Staria MPV car which is estimated to be worth IDR 1 billion . However, many netizens criticized the gift given to Ameena. The reason is, Ameena, who is still 2 years old, is thought to not understand about cars.

Responding to this criticism, Atta Halilintar opened his voice. He revealed the reason behind the gift given to his eldest daughter. Instead of looking at the price, Atta looked at the function of the car. According to him, a car is a vehicle that is needed because Ameena has started school.

Atta explains the reason for giving a car as a gift  Instagram

photo: Instagram/@attahalilintar

"Because of his mother's request too. His mother works, I work. Well, the children need a big car because they have started school," said Atta Halilintar, reported by brilio.net from Intense Investigation on Friday (23/2).

Apart from Ameena's daily mobility at school, Atta Halilintar also made this fantastically valuable car a birthday gift because it can be used for a long time. So, the car became an investment for Ameena.

"So, thank God, in the next 20 years, we won't have to buy any more, for how long will we go to school," added Atta Halilintar.

Meanwhile, even though the car has a fantastic price, Atta is reluctant to call it a luxury gift. The reason is, this car will be very useful for Ameena's interests. This father of two children hopes that Ameena's car will allow her to go to school comfortably while her father and mother are busy working.

Atta explains the reason for giving a car as a gift  Instagram

photo: Instagram/@ameenaatta

"Yes, no (luxury), the important thing is that it is useful for Ameena and suits what she needs too. The problem is that her father and mother work very mobile, rarely do they like being at home. So, hopefully with this, her schedule won't be disturbed. Thank God again there is good fortune," he added.

For Atta as a parent, his child's happiness is his happiness too. Because, he works day and night for no other reason than to make his wife and children happy.

Atta explains the reason for giving a car as a gift  Instagram

photo: Instagram/@attahalilintar

"Ameena's expression is happy, happy. It's called a parent, when it's her child's birthday. I've always worked, I always say that I work to make my wife and children happy. This birthday, God willing, I hope it's useful," concluded Atta.

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