"Ta, the cabita is just cute," answered Babe.

  9 April 2024 16:45

Brilio.net - The famous comic Babe Cabita breathed his last breath on Tuesday (9/4/) at 06.38 WIB at the hospital. RS. Mayapada Lebak Bulus, South Jakarta. This news was conveyed by actor Oki Rengga via his social media account.

Suddenly, Babe Cabita's social media account was immediately flooded with comments from netizens saying goodbye in her last post. Not only that, various aspects of the life of this man from Medan are starting to be explored.

No exception, the origin of the name Babe Cabita. The reason is, this famous comic has the real name Priya Prayogha Pratama. However, she is often called Babe Cabita, so what does the name Babe Cabita actually mean?

Come on, see the details below, as reported by brilio.net from Abdel Achrian's YouTube channel, Tuesday (9/4)

this is the origin of the name Babe Cabita  2024 brilio.net

photo: YouTube/Abdel Achrian

In the interview session between Abdel Achrian , or Cing Abdel, with Babe Cabita some time ago, this again attracted attention. In the upload, the man who was born on June 5 1989 said that he had been called Babe since middle school.

"Babe has been called Babe since middle school. I don't know, suddenly his middle school friends called him Be, Be, Be," said Babe, revealing the origin of his name, reported by brilio.net from YouTube Abdel Achrian, Tuesday (9/4).

Since graduating from junior high school, Babe seems to be quite active on Twitter (now X). His popularity on X made his name increasingly well known to the point where he was often called celebrity

this is the origin of the name Babe Cabita  2024 brilio.net

photo: Instagram/@babecabiita

Babe Cabita explained that at that time, celebs in tweets did not use their real names but rather funny names. As a result, he made his account name 'Babe Cabita'. 'Babe' is his nickname from junior high school, while 'Cabi' is based on his X account photo, which at that time used cartoon photos of cute fathers.

"Then I made Twitter, I was active before, yes, the cool language is selebtweet. When it comes to selebtweet, the account doesn't use a personal name, there were funny accounts at that time, pocong, there was a cheesy dog," said Babe.

"So it's a funny account, cartoon pictures of fat men like that, their faces are cabi, that's why they're called Babe Cabita," Babe continued to explain.

this is the origin of the name Babe Cabita  2024 brilio.net

photo: Instagram/@babecabiita

Furthermore, Abdel was curious about the word 'ta' at the end of his name. While telling the story, Cing Abdel then asked more specifically.

"Then ask where from?" Abdel questioned.

"Ta, the cabita is just cute," answered Babe, laughing.

As a result, the name Babe Cabita was used on X's account at that time as a stage name in the 2013 Stand Up Comedian Season 3 competition. Thankfully, this name brought good luck to the late Babe Cabita. In this competition he won first place and his name became increasingly known.

"Finally until now (the name Babe Cabita). Previously, stand up used the Twitter account 'Babe Cabita', that's why 'Babe Cabita' is famous." he said.

His passing caused deep sorrow, not a few people expressed their condolences for Babe Cabita's departure to the bosom of the Almighty. May the family and friends be given fortitude.

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