Nirina Zubir finally got her land certificate ahead of election voting day.

  14 Februari 2024 10:11 - Happy news comes from the beautiful artist Nirina Zubir . Previously, Nirina often posted about her problems with the land mafia.

As is known, the late mother Nirina was deceived by the housewife herself regarding her land assets. The household member is known to have forged and transferred ownership of land certificates belonging to Nirina's family. A number of buildings/plots of land worth IDR 17 billion belonging to the late mother Nirina Zubir were lost and confiscated by the suspect.

Nirina did not remain silent, she fought to get it back even though she had to face the land mafia . After years of facing these problems, now he finally has the certificate.

The 43 year old woman expressed her feelings regarding her struggle against the land mafia which has now found a bright spot. Currently, 4 land certificates in the name of Nirina Zubir's mother have been returned.

Nirina Zubir wins against mafia  Instagram

photo: Instagram/@nirinazubir_

Even so, there are still several more letters that have not been returned. Because, there are still procedures that must be gone through to get it.

"If you ask me how it feels, it's really mixed, you should be really happy, right? But on the one hand it's like 'wow, really concrete evidence is now in hand,'" said Nirina Zubir at the Regional Office of the National Land Agency (BPN), Central Jakarta, Tuesday (13/2).

"There are still several more letters because everything has procedures," added Nirina Zubir.

Nirina Zubir wins against mafia  Instagram

photo: Instagram/@nirinazubir_

According to Nirina, this was a response to the efforts she had undertaken to return what was rightfully her late mother's. Moreover, the process that Nirina went through recently was quite long.

"My mother died in 2019, we found out about this abuse in 2020. And my father died, we had to go through trial. So it was like many times, over and over again, and this is one of the bright spots. Because I have to return my mother's things back , my parents' thing," he explained.

Nirina admitted that this problem took up quite a lot of her time and concentration. In fact, he had to leave a number of jobs to focus on facing the legal process in this case.

"I haven't worked for a year, full concentration on overseeing this case. It's quite frustrating, because wow, it turns out the time isn't short, but the point is to carry on according to the procedure," he admitted.