This woman, born in 1991, previously had a difficult life, but thanks to her hard work she managed to achieve success.

  13 Februari 2024 20:45 - Everyone's struggle to achieve their dreams should be appreciated. Moreover, if that person starts working hard to achieve their goals starting from zero .

Likewise with Indonesian celebrities, quite a few of them come from less well-off families. However, this is not a reason for some people to give up on their dreams.

This singer has experienced this condition. Yep, she is Evi Masamba. Becoming a famous dancer, who would have thought that Evi Masamba would go through a struggle that was not easy. Especially when remembering his past life in hardship.

Evi Masamba told this when asked by Deddy Corbuzier on the Black and White program about his various sufferings. This woman from South Sulawesi turned out to have been abandoned by her parents when she was little.

Evi Masamba's parents divorced and left her in the care of her grandmother. They each remarried and continued their lives with new partners. This also forced Evi Masamba to be willing to leave junior high school due to financial constraints.

Formerly ART is now a top singer  various sources

photo: YouTube/Waldos 9988

In order to help financially support her grandmother who cares for her, Evi does all the work she can. She had to be willing to work as a housemaid, babysitter, selling used clothes, and drying seaweed because her life was quite worrying.

"Yes (life is difficult), it's really difficult, before Evi Masamba became like this, many people already knew, Evi Masamba had been a baby sitter, had been a housemaid, Evi had done all the work," said Evi Masamba.

Her suffering still continues, this woman born in 1991 admitted that previously she had difficulty just eating. Remembering that the grandmother has many grandchildren.

"It's really difficult to want to eat, yes (you don't necessarily get to eat in a day), because there are a lot of grandma's grandchildren," explained Evi.

Apart from working odd jobs, Evi Masamba is also exploring her beautiful voice to sing from stage to stage. Evi's highest salary at that time was only IDR 60 thousand. Until Evi then got the opportunity to take part in the D'Academy 2 talent search event.

Formerly ART is now a top singer  various sources

photo: YouTube/Indosiar

Even though she had doubts, Evi Masamba gave all her ability to sing until she became the first winner of D'Academy 2 in 2015. Evi's misfortune turned into luck from then on.

Evi Masamba is now known as a dangdut singer with an honorarium of up to IDR 50 million per gig. Evi's single entitled Muara Hati (2015) was also well received by dangdut song lovers .

Formerly ART is now a top singer  various sources

photo: Instagram/@evi_masamba_real

Thanks to her successful career as a dangdut singer, Evi Masamba now has a house worth living in. Moreover, Evi is married to Arif Hajrianto and has two children.

Evi bought a two-story minimalist style house. Even though it is not as luxurious as other artists' houses, the residence is very comfortable to live in.

Formerly ART is now a top singer  various sources

photo: Instagram/@evi_masamba_real

The outside of Evi Masamba's house looks very luxurious with walls that are a combination of gray and golden yellow. Not to mention the presence of pillars made of natural stone in Evi's carport which makes the house look very charming.