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This film, which is based on the novel entitled Ali Topan by Teguh Esha, stars famous actors Jefri Nichol and Lutesha as the main characters.

  14 Februari 2024 04:40 - Entering 2024, many production houses will release films with unique and 'fresh' storylines and genres. One of them is Visinema Pictures. Instead of working on horror films which are currently popular, this production house is actually working on a romance adventure genre film entitled Ali Topan.

To work on this latest film, Visinema Pictures collaborated with Legacy Pictures and Kebon Studio. Apart from that, this film was also directed by Sidharta Tata. The film Ali Topan tells the story of a young person who wants to seek freedom amidst the many pressures and restrictions in his life. This film also tells the story of a young person's romance wrapped in social issues.

This new film by Visinema Pictures is planned to be shown in cinemas starting February 14 2024. Ali Topan's film has had its world premiere at the 2023 Busan International Film Festival (BIFF) in the "A Window on Asian Cinema" program. Apart from that, this film is also competing in the Indonesian Screen Award program at the Jogja-Netpac Asian Film Festival (JAFF) 2023.

Curious as to what the film? Here, summarizes 5 reasons you must watch the film Ali Topan, Tuesday (13/2).

1. Adapted from a 70s era novel.

Reasons why you must watch the Ali Topan film  various sources

photo: Suci

This film is based on the novel entitled Ali Topan by Teguh Esha which was popular in the 1970s. The story of the novel was developed to remain relevant to the context of today's young people with the various problems they face. The son of the late Teguh Esha, Yusuf, said that Ali Topan was not only a figure, but more than that, he represented a soul who had the drive to fight injustice.

"I have permission to convey a short message written by Mr. (Teguh Esha) in the book to understand why Ali Topan can remain relevant to this day. The father's message reads, Ali Topan is not just a style, he is a soul who rebels for freedom and the future the stakes," said Yusuf in a press conference that attended on Tuesday (13/2).

Furthermore, Yusuf also said that the message of freedom in question is not 'original' freedom, but freedom that remains responsible and calculates the consequences with the future at stake. This is also what makes Ali Topan continue to be relevant to this day with all the dynamics experienced by young people.

2. Present a romantic story wrapped in a social issue .

Reasons why you must watch the Ali Topan film  various sources

photo: Suci

The film Ali Topan tells the story of the romance of two young people who want freedom amidst family constraints and the pressures that hit them. The characters Ali Topan and Anna Karenina represent the value of "rebel but responsible" which is closely related to young people today.

Ali, who comes from a wealthy family, prefers to spend time on the streets of Blok M and Warung Seni. His meeting with Anna Karenina, who was the daughter of a property business family, made Ali fall in love. However, their parents strongly opposed their relationship.

Even though they both come from privileged families, Ali Topan and Anna loudly voice very relevant social issues. Both of them also dare to fight for the right thing even though they have to go against the flow. Ali and Anna are described as young people who are 'rebellious' but still responsible. There are reasons and goals for the greater good, instead of choosing personal comfort.

3. Starring young Indonesian actors and actresses.

Reasons why you must watch the Ali Topan film  various sources

photo: Suci

The film Ali Topan stars a number of actors and actresses, starting from Jefri Nichol as Ali Topan, Lutesha as Anna Karenina, Ari Sihasale as Opung Brotpang, Reza Hilman as Dudung, Omara Esteghlal as Bobby, Bebeto Leutualy as Gevaert, and Axel Matthew Thomas as Boy .

"Every generation has their own Ali Topan. In the 70s Ali Topan appeared in novels, then Ali Topan appeared in soap operas, and now through films directed by Mas Tata. Hopefully Nichol and I can also represent the young people of Indonesia today "now through the roles of Ali Topan and Anna Karenina in this film," said Lutesha.

4. Viewers will be invited to see several corners of the city on the island of Java.

Reasons why you must watch the Ali Topan film  various sources

photo: Suci

Not only witnessing the dynamics of young people's lives, viewers will also be invited to see views from several corners of cities on the island of Java. Ali and Anna's road trip adventure to several cities on the island of Java also adds to the excitement of the film.

5. Watching Ali and Anna's love journey through underground music.

Reasons why you must watch the Ali Topan film  various sources

photo: Suci

Not only will they be pampered with views of several corners of the city, the audience can also enjoy the journey of Ali and Anna's love story through underground music that brings the character of Ali Topan and his scene to life. For Tata, the soundtrack of Rumahsakit's song Kuning which was sung by Morfem was very memorable for him.

"Actually, it was a song from the band Rumahsakit which was sung by Morfem. At first I was trying to find a new form, maybe the song was very Ali Topan and very Jakarta. And the song Kuning Rumahsakit really made an impression on me. And after hearing the song which was sung again by Morfem ", the song can sound very loud but romantic at the same time. So it's fun and enjoyable when singing together," said Tata.