Now get your popcorn ready: Its time for the most talked-about Photoshop fails from these past two years.

Retno Wulandari   30 May 2016 17:14 - You bought a lifestyle magazine, browse its content page by page and decide that everything inside is too perfect to be real or even attempted to be redone by you. That flawless skin, those slim thighs, that flat belly, those bulging muscles, those perfect figures just seem too good to be true!

Indeed, they are not true. We aren't saying that all are fake, but in reality, not everything that glitters is gold. And not everything that's toned and tanned on glossy magazine papers (and in commercial ads) is without a little added help. There is a “magical” tool called Photoshop has managed to buff things out to perfection.

But just like every single thing in this world, Photoshop, as well as folks who use it, aren’t perfect at all. Sometimes they make mistakes, and some of those failures are associated with world’s famous celebrities. You can imagine how they turn out, super awkward!

Now get your popcorn ready: Its time for the most talked-about Photoshop fails from these past two years:

1. Calvin Klein enhances Justin Bieber's entire body

Image via sunmag

Calvin Klein featured Justin Bieber looking seductively into the camera wearing only a pair of boxer shorts. Justin’s main assets — abs, biceps, and bulge had Beliebers everywhere going wild, but too bad for them, a leaked photo of the ad pre-retouching suggested that the brand enhanced Justin's physique and had his muscles looking bigger and better than they actually were.

2. Vogue chops off Victoria Beckham’s thigh

Image via mirror

Being one of the hottest names in fashion, former Spice Girls’ Victoria Beckham didn’t even escape the Photoshop failure. In recent shots by Vogue China, the mother-of-four demonstrated her amazing flexibility as a result of her recent ballet lessons. But unfortunately, Vogue managed to accidentally chop off one of Victoria's thighs in a stunning black and white shot.

3. Paris Hilton’s weird arm

Image via diply

It’s easy to imagine the sexy princess Paris travels in style on a private jet. But in this picture, something is definitely not "so sexy" about that left arm...

4. Kim Kardashian's desert photo shoot extreme edits

Image via esquire

This shot will be super perfect if only they didn’t leak the original image, showing Kim’s real body shape and curves.

5. Nicole Scherzinger's Ad for Püd

Image via esquire

What’s more perfect than having desert with family in one cheery evening? But this one is definitely a harsh copy-paste.  

6. Victoria's Secret removes a butt cheek.

Image via dailymail

Victoria Secret went digital last October by smoothing out a model's butt cheek to promote their mesh-back cheeky panty. But the ad promptly received backlash over the missing cheek. People said it’s a horrible, unnecessary Photoshop failure. It is, indeed.

7. Zendaya calls out Modeliste magazine for Photoshopping her curves

Image via eonline

“These are the things that make women self-conscious, that create the unrealistic ideals of beauty that we have,” Zendaya wrote in the Instagram post after noticing that Modeliste has Photoshopped her figure. “Anyone who knows who I am knows I stand for honest and pure self-love. So I took it upon myself to release the real pic (right side) and I love it.”

A day later, Modeliste's editor-in-chief wrote a post thanking the 19-year-old for raising her concerns and pulled the issue to replace them with the unedited version.




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