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You can try using natural ingredients as an effective alternative solution to reduce gray hair.

  11 Februari 2024 06:00 - When talking about aging, people usually think of the signs that appear on the face. Conditions such as the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, and sagging skin are signs that many people avoid. In fact, signs of aging that interfere with appearance do not only appear on the face, but also on the hair.

Signs of aging that appear in the hair are marked by the growth of gray hair . Gray hair or white hair appears when the hair loses the melanin pigment in its follicles. This is caused by a decrease in the production of melanocyte cells which form color pigments. As a result, hair that was originally black will turn white or gray with age.

The presence of gray hair can vary between individuals. Apart from age and genetic factors, there are many conditions that have been found to accelerate the appearance of gray hair. Stressful conditions are known to cause a lot of gray hair to grow because the body's hormones that are triggered by stress can accelerate hair color changes.

Apart from that, the habit of smoking also makes people gray more quickly because the contents of cigarettes damage the melanin production process for hair. For those of you who want to reduce the growth of gray hair, you don't need to bother. The thing is, you can try using natural ingredients as an alternative solution that is effective in reducing gray hair while growing thick hair again .

One of them is by using a mixture of rice water and ginger, as reported by t on Sunday (11/2) from @diyglowpage Instagram. Rice water contains active substances such as para-aminobenzoic acid which is believed to help restore the original color to graying hair.

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These compounds play an important role in stimulating melanin production and help stop the growth of gray hair. Reporting from Greatist, rice water also contains vitamin E, antioxidants and other important nutrients that help care for and nourish hair, so it can help reduce the appearance of gray hair with thick new hair growth.

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Summarized from the Traya page, ginger is a spice that is full of substances such as gingerol, zingiberene, and vitamin C. These compounds are known to have good antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties to support hair health. This combination of compounds is also able to increase blood circulation and other nutrients to the hair follicles.

This means that ginger can stimulate the acceleration of new hair growth while preventing the appearance of gray hair. You can use the two ingredients above in the following way.

Tools and materials:

1. Enough rice water
2. 2 tablespoons ginger extract
3. Rosemary essential oil and vitamin E (optional)
4. Empty spray bottle

Working steps:

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1. Wash the rice twice, then soak it in water a third time for a few moments.
2. Pour the rice water into an empty spray bottle.
3. Peel and squeeze a little ginger to get 2 tablespoons of the extract, then mix it in the bottle.
4. If available, add a few drops of Rosemary essential oil and vitamin E (optional).
5. Shake this solution until evenly mixed, then spray it thoroughly at the base of your hair.
6. Massage briefly, then leave for 30 minutes - 1 hour before rinsing thoroughly using shampoo.
7. Use it regularly to get maximum results.

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