Image: Arinze Stanley

You won't believe that these are not photographs!

Andry Trysandy Mahany   27 April 2017 19:45

Some people can draw but only few can create super realistic paintings. Arinze Stanley is one of the few. All of his paintings look like a photography despite the fact that he creates all of them only using pencil.

How do they look like? Here are 10 examples of his paintings as taken from his Instagram, @harinzeyart.

1. Look at this one depicting a scared face.


2. And a mad man.


3. His paintings look so real that people wonder if they were really painted by hands.


4. Just look at those sweat drops!


5. One of his best works is this painting of Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari.


6. The facial lines, wrinkles and eyebrows look so real.


7. He even makes water flow looks like in real life.


8. In this one, he shows the process of him painting.


9. We can also see the process here.


10. It takes a lot of precision and patience to create such phenomenal artworks.



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