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Watch the amazing process while the Turkish artist paints on water using the oldest Turkish method.

Retno Wulandari   06 July 2016 11:18

Brilio.net - Garip Ay is not an ordinary artist. He creates beautiful paintings... on water! Using Ebru, one of the oldest Turkish methods to paint, his skillful hands forms various and colourful patterns on the surface of oily water by sprinkling, splashing and brushing colour pigments into the liquid. Once ready, the paintings are transferred to paper, resulting in unique paintings that are beyond stunning.

Garip Ay/Photo: garipay.blogspot.com

Watch the amazing process of the while the Turkish artist painting on water:

1. Garip makes it looks so easy to paint these birds on water

2. The process of Van Gough’s Starry Night edition is so mesmerizing!

3. This series of Ebru art will surely blow your mind

4. This one is also very cool!

5. Make your own Ebru art

You can actually try to make your own Ebru art. All you need is a large bowl or something similar, any type of oil, toothpicks and colour pigments. Start by mixing the water and oil in the bowl, then start to drop colour pigments into the water and just like that you can form any patterns with a toothpick. Once finished, place a sheet of paper on top, quickly lifting it up and voila! Your painting is transferred onto the paper. Don't forget to let it dry!



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