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Another magical trick from coffee art will leave you enchanted.

Tunggul Kumoro   30 May 2016 16:09

Brilio.net - Rainbows have made their way into all of our foods, from doughnuts, bagels and even cheese toasties. And this time, the iconic seven colors have made their way to rainbow coffee.

Another trick from coffee art invented by Mason Salisbury (@ibrewcoffee), a barista at Las Vegas based coffee shop, in which he mixes food colouring to create the rainbow latte. By simply adding it into steamed milk then artfully pouring it into the espresso, he created the most magical beverage ever.

Watch the magic below as a starter...

Yeah, your morning pick-me-up would no longer be the same and surely it would leave you more energetic with every drop of it.

We do not know exactly how Mason uses his very own technique to liven up such a fantastic art. So you better see for yourself!



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