The bag will let you play worry-free on the beach by locking it around a fixed thing such as railing or tree.

Victoria Tunggono   28 May 2016 13:44 - Another successful Kickstarter project came from a man who got robbed on the beach. Don Halpern from Ohio, USA, wouldn’t let that ever happen again, both to him and to others. That’s why the LocTote industrial bag was invented. It used soft yet tough fabric material so it will prevent theft in any possible way.

With the Kickstarter, Halpern avenged his loss at the beach by designing the anti-theft bag. He and his partner Adam thought thoroughly about a backpack that isn’t necessarily tough looking or  heavy. On the contrary he designed a light and simple drawstring backpack but uses a material that is resistant to being cut or torn. He collected USD 855,095 from 4,828 supporters only within two months, since he launched the project on April 5, 2016.

It may look like a waste for the planned USD 299 price for one bag, but wait until you find out what it can do. The bag will let you play worry-free on the beach by locking it around a fixed thing such as railing or tree. You don’t have to worry that someone would tear the fabric off because the Cut-Tex material won’t let it. The steel-reinforced strap and a brass lock that comes with the product won’t let anyone mess with your bag. And if you are really that phobic to the stealing, you can even bring the bag with you while surfing or swimming because it is also waterproof.

The knife-proof Cut-Tex material is a fabric made to protect vulnerable areas of the human body. It is used for incorporating into uniforms, tactical and sport apparel, or work-wear for high risks jobs. The highly durable fabric is currently the highest cut resistant with level 5 on the scale 1 to 5, while its rival Kevlar’s highest level is 3. It is also meets the British and European standard. Seems like Halpern was taking his bag theft case seriously. But as revenge, he really nailed it with this LocTote!



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