Moving in Japan is more of an art than a hassle.

Ivana Lucic   26 August 2016 19:06 - Japan’s got it all figured out, at least when it comes to moving.

Let’s face it, it’s a chore we all dread. But in Japan, like many things, a mundane task becomes an art form.

Movers in Japan are pretty much angels. They do so much more than pack and unpack your belongings. First, they come into your house and affic protective panels to walls and corners so you won’t have to pay any pesky damage fees. They wear disposable socks before entering a home and they wipe all the dust and dirt from your belongings before pakcing them up.  

They pay special attention not to crush shoes or wrinkle coats. No doubt a thorough training process has something to do with the manners of the service. Considering strangers are moving all your personal and valuable items, it seems to make sense.

The video, narrated by a charming British voice which just adds that extra touch of class, takes you through the special moving process in Japan, which is “fast, polite and considerate.”

It sure beats hauling all your stuff up and down the city in your friend’s neighbors boyfriends truck you rented for the day.



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