For all the self-diagnosed Celiacs around the globe, this one’s for you!

Ivana Lucic   02 June 2016 12:07 - Gluten-free diets have been on the rise in recent years, and as have the self-diagnosed Celicas. In good ol’ economic fashion, the supply caters to the demand and restaurants and shops are catering to the gluten-free folk of the world, offering gluten free bread and pasta and everything else under the sun.

And some anonymous Tumblr genius has decided to offer gluten free depictions of iconic historical images. Picture Caravaggio's feasts without the loaves, "American Gothic" with no hay fork, and Vincent Van Gogh's wheatfields without the wheat. Oh, and Samuel L Jackson without a Royale burger to scare the shit out of you with. Ancient Egyptian pyramid paintings and Disney cartoons aren’t safe from the power of Photoshop.

While the autoimmune disease does affect millions globally, it is fun every now and then to poke a little fun at the intensity of the trend that has got Insta bloggers everywhere chowing down on quinoa.

Below are our favourtie pics of the series, but check the rest of them out here.

1. This scene just got a little less intense.  Samuel L Jackson in Pulp Fiction

2. Summer, Giuseppe Arcimboldo  - Vegan is definitely a look that the Italian portrait painter should pursue

3. Roy Fox Lichtenstein - Even pop art doesn’t like gluten

4. Walt Disney – a not so romantic date night. Maybe some zucchini pasta instead?

5. Ridley Scott – No wheat to dreamily run your hands through

6. Wayne Thiebaud – The saddest looking dessert plate we’ve ever seen

7. Guinness – Not such a lovely day



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