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These are 9 princesses of Disney with a taste of India.

Retno Wulandari   24 March 2016 09:20

Brilio.net - What if those sweet and innocent Disney princesses turned into women of your wildest dreams? Vancouver-based wedding photographer Amrit Grewal waved a magic wand and converted nine iconic princesses with a taste of India, re-creating their looks into a sexier and more exotic style in these high budget photo shoots.

1. Snow White

Image by amritphotography

“Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all...?”

2. Belle of the Beauty and the Beast

Image by amritphotography

“She warned him not to be deceived by appearances, for beauty is found within...”

3. Ariel of the Little Mermaid

Image by amritphotography

“But a mermaid has no tears, and, therefore, she suffers so much more.”

4. Mulan

Image by amritphotography

“My, my, what beautiful blossoms we have this year. But look, this one's late! I bet when it blooms, it will be most beautiful of all!”

5. Rapunzel of Tangled

Image by amritphotography

“I've been looking out of a window for eighteen years, dreaming about what I might feel like when those lights rise in the sky. What if it's not everything I dreamed it would be?”

6. Pocahontas

Image by amritphotography

“Come spirit, help us sing the story of our land!”

7. Aurora of Sleeping Beauty

Image by amritphotography

“You love me at once, the way you did once upon a dream.”

8. Cinderella

Image by amritphotography

If you hate Cinderella because she seems so naive and weak, one thing you have to remember: she is a girl who believes in dreams, as well as DOING something with them. When Prince Charming didn't come along, she went over to the palace and got him.

9. Jasmine of Aladdin

Image by amritphotography

“I am not a prize to be won!”



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