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“Love sharks? Live in a Shark Aquarium.”

Retno Wulandari   31 March 2016 19:04

Brilio.net - Swimming with sharks. Sleeping with the fishes. Sounds like an impossible dream to you? Dream no more, Airbnb will make an exciting combo come to life for you.

Airbnb is giving away the chance to sleep inside a shark aquarium in France for some lucky people. The giveaway is a part of company’s “Night At” series.

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“Love sharks? Live in a Shark Aquarium,” says the listing. “This is your once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to sleep in an underwater bedroom, where the only thing separating you from your neighbors is the 360-degree transparent wall.”

Considering the fact that you are staying with such extraordinary buddies, there are some house rules to keep in mind:

1. Keep yourself from taking selfies after dark. Sharks are sensitive to light. Your shots will piss them off.
2. Avoid watching “Jaws” before your sleepover. Sharks are kinder than you think!
3. Forget about sleepwalking or night swimming.
4. Do not eat the chum.
5. No diving.
6. Keep your head, feet and other body parts inside the bedroom at all times.
7. You are in the water and sheep can’t swim. Count the sharks instead.
8. The bait isn’t intended for you.

Image via technobuffalo

For your information, "Night At" listings are not available to rent for a night. They're available only through giveaways for a limited number of dates. The listings are always impressive; in the past, they have included Fenway Park, the top of a ski jump and Ellis Island.

Should you be interested, you can enter the shark aquarium stay giveaway on Airbnb’s website.


Source: Mashable


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