It wasn’t all about the looks.

Fadila Adelin   04 August 2016 10:21 - Beauty standards change almost every decade, and what we find attractive evolves every day.

Take makeup as an example.

You’ve definitely have or had at least one girlfriend that always laid on the makeup for one reason or another, but makeup is a pretty recent invention.

In 18th-century Europe, noble women spent huge amounts on it, but that was not the case in Indonesia. Women in Indonesia used no “savior substance” to make them look beautiful.

But time flies and cultures change, and Indonesia has gone through massive change.

However, Indonesian women in the past apparently needed no such "savior substance" to make they look beautiful, or at least that's what they said. But, time flies and almost everything changes, including everything we know with a beauty standard.

Makeup is everywhere now, but back in the day before globalization took hold, Indonesia was still very much a mix of different ethnicities and regional cultures. Beauty wasn’t all about looks either.

Here are some old photos of Indonesian women we put together, and what made them beautiful.

Check this out!

1. A Javanese woman

2. Tribal women in West Papua

3. Sundanese women weaving. Weaving was associated with beauty


4. Attendant protecting young noble’s face from the sun to stop it from tanning

5. Jewelry was a big factor for Gayo women

6. Minangkabau woman in traditional dress

7. Dayak women were judged partially by how long and wide their earlobes were

8. Sulawesi dancers

9. How Balinese women arrange offerings to the gods affected their attractiveness

10. Papuan women getting tattooed



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