SBY had a premonition of Mike Mohede's death (Photo: Mas'ad)

The winner of Indonesian Idol sang the last song as if saying goodbye

  2 Agustus 2016 14:12 - Former President of Indonesia Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono said hehad a premonition of Mike Mohedes death when the late singer sang Don't Forget to Remember Meathis 40th wedding anniversary celebration with wife Ani Yudhoyono in Sarinah, Central Jakarta, on Saturday.

At the end of the celebration, when (he sang) the last song, I and all the guests that night knew there is something about the song which he sang along with Vina Panduwinata and Lala Karmela. It was Don't Forget to Remember Me, recalled SBY.

SBY in Mike Mohede's house  2016

SBY in Mike Mohede's house via Kapanlagi

I believe that the last song he sang (implies a message) to the public. Like (the lyrics in) the song, we wont forget about Mike Mohede. Believe me, this is Gods provision and is the best way for him, he added.

SBY praised the singer's performance.

People may know that only two days ago, on July 30, when we were holding our 40th wedding anniversary celebration, Mike Mohede was on stage with two other singers. At thetime, Mike looked so relaxed, fine, his voice was mellifluous and smooth. He was at one of his best performances, said SBY.

In the wedding anniversary, Mike also sang Juwita Malam, To Love Somebody, and a song composed by SBY himself, Kuyakin Sampai di Sana.

Rest in peace, Mike...

Mike Mohede  2016

Mike Mohede via Kapanlagi



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