Latest video draws ire of netizens.

Nafilah   01 August 2016 14:45 - We all know how dangerous, addictive and harmful cigarettes and nicotine can be for young, developing children.

But Indonesia is one of the worst places for it. Two-thirds of adult males smoke and kids are able to buy single cigarettes from kiosks all around the country, including outside school.

A video posted by Instagram user Wowbaper shows two kids enjoying their cigarettes and having a conversation.

It is unclear who shot the video, but the person filming speaks from behind the camera, apparently encouraging the children, even asking the kids to draw the smoke through their noses.

The video, which has since been removed lately, instantly shocked other users, and was hit with a flurry of negative comments, most of them deploring the parents' negligence for letting the incident happen.

Here are some of the comments compiled by Brilio from Wowbaper’s account.

"Dumb parents :V" wrote Alba_savia.

"The parents take this video? immoral," added Saefudin.muhammad.

"Horrible... who taught them this.." wrote dede kusno 299.




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