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And it's not even the final number.

  4 Juli 2017 10:00

Jakarta Civil Registration Agency recorded that 4,275,743 mudik goers, orhomeward-bound travelers, had already returned to Jakarta.

The number has not exceeded the total of mudik goerswho reaches 6,414,304 people this year.

"Until yesterday, the number of travelerswho have returned to Jakarta has reached more than 4.2 million," said the agency's head Edison Sianturiat the Jakarta City Hall on Monday, as quoted by government-owned news portal Berita Jakarta.

According to Edison, at least there are around 2 million people who have not returned to the capital as the school holiday still lasts up to one week ahead.

The number, however could not be used to refer the inflow of newcomers from other regions after Idul Fitri holiday ends.

"So, this is not the data for newcomer numbers, but for [mudik goers] who came in and out [of Jakarta] during mudikseason," he said.




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