“The newlyweds were threatened and attacked by her ex-boyfriend. It’s frightening!”

  12 Mei 2016 09:46

Brilio.net/en - It really takes great effort to let go of failed relationships and learn to heal yourself, and its even harder to know that your ex is actually getting married. Though its easier said than done, heartbroken folk must be able to control their emotion, instead of letting those complicated feelings linger.

Anyway, it seems like this particular man failed to do so, and he ended up making a mess at his ex-girlfriends wedding party.

A video uploaded by Paijem Gemblong YouTube account on Saturday (7/5), shows how this unnamed young man who came to his exs wedding. But he was unable to control himself as he beheld the girl he loves was marrying someone else. Being in deep sadness and anger, he rampaged at the newlyweds.

The newlyweds were threatened and attacked by her ex-boyfriend. Its frightening! wrote Paijem Gemblong account on the videos caption.

In the two-minute video, you can see the guests are running out in a hurry, frightened of the mans rage. Before the wedding turned to chaos, some men eventually dragged the angry ex-boyfriend out of the venue, and it looks as if even some of them were punching him. Its absolutely a tragic ending of that mans love story.

In the background, you can hear the master of ceremony trying to bring back the heartbroken mans common sense by saying Be patient, your faith is being tested by God. This is only a part of lifes struggles. Its indeed disappointing, but dont let emotion rule. Youll meet your own soulmate after all. It was made in heaven, so be patient.

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