Sometimes you just need to take a break from news about rallies and never ending lawsuits.

  23 Januari 2017 15:10

Islamic Defender Front (FPI) has been a constant topic in our news feed for months mostly regarding lawsuits against or by them and the rallies they held almost every week.If you're tired of reading and watching news about never ending cases and angry people, we have something for you.

Twitter account @FPIKaraoke provides something that you might not expect coming from FPI: entertainment. The account trolls FPI Chief and supporters with memes showing them singing your favorite songs instead of yelling demands and ultimatums to the police. Though this account is not actually owned by FPI, but we can all be thankful for its light content that can bring smile to our faces during these heated days.

We've rounded up some of thetweets for you.

1. Getting ready for Coldplay concert in April

2. When things get intense

3. Well..

4. Doing the wotagei

5. Just dance!

6. No, I, I, I, I, I can't stop

7. Covering "Sawer" by: Cucu

8. That's why they got Ahmad Dhani on their side

9. That smile though

10.And this.



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