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16 People were positively infected.

  22 Januari 2017 13:18 - Health Department of Yogyakarta urges health centers (Puskemas) to be wary about anthrax after dozens of Kulonprogo residents were recently infected.

The cases of its transmission to humans are rare. Yet, we keep on asking Puskemas to increase their alertness after some were diagnosed in Kulon Progo district, said the head of Yogyakarta Health Department Fita Yulia Kisworini as cited from Antara.

She stated that all staffs in each Puskesmas are asked to pay attention to patients who got fever, inflammation, nausea which leads to throwing up, and especially to those who have made direct contact with animals or its meat.

She explained that the infection caused by bacterium Bacillus anthracis may attack humans parts of body starting from skin to lining of the brain.

The symptoms between anthrax which attacks skin and the one attacking lining of the brain are certainly different. All of them should be watched. She said.

Meanwhile, a staff of Yogyakarta Agriculture Department Sugeng Darmanto admitted to have coordinated with Yogyakarta govt regarding transmission of anthrax.

The case in Kulon Progo becomes a joint vigilance, but we need to make sure if its really casued by anthrax. Said Sugeng.

The symptoms of anthrax in animals usually started with high body temperature, loss of appetite, swelling around neck and nose. For dairy cows, their milk production will stop.

A medical microbiology specialist in Gadjah Mada University (UGM) Yogyakartas Medical Facultys clinic R Ludhang Pradipta Rizki said early diagnosis is important in treating the disease.

Patients should be sent to hospital to get help since the beginning and if needed, put in an isolation room to prevent the spread of infection.

What people can do to prevent anthrax is by avoiding direct contact with ingredients or food coming from animals suspected for being exposed to anthrax. They also need to keep their environment clean, treat wounds, and exterminate carcasses of infected animals.

16 People from Yogyakarta areas including Ngroto, Ngaglik and Penggung were reported to be positively infected by anthrax.



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