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Whether it's just a joke or it's genuine, the name of this legislative candidate will make you focus wrong.

  9 Februari 2024 17:43 - Close to the general election like now, it is certainly no stranger to see billboards for legislative candidates displayed on the side of the road . This generally happens because legislative candidates and political parties try to increase visibility and introduce candidates to the public. Billboards for legislative candidates can contain names, the political party they represent, slogans and some also include work programs.

Sometimes, these billboards can become visual waste so they are not pleasing to look at. Even at a more serious stage, legislative candidates attached their billboards by nailing them to trees which could damage the environment. For this reason, it is important to implement strict rules regarding this matter so that no legislative candidate can just go around campaigning with billboards.

Apart from that, usually legislative candidates will try to create gimmicks on their campaign posters. All this is done to attract the attention of voters. Among the various gimmicks, it turns out that there are also legislative candidates whose billboards can make you lose focus because they are so eccentric. The appearance was recorded and posted by the account @heypips66.

billboards for legislative candidates make you focus wrong  TikTok

photo: TikTok/@heypips66

It can be seen that the owner of the video is taking pictures from inside the car. There is a billboard with the majority colors white and blue. Written were the words "I don't promise but I don't try (I don't just promise but I try)".

However, what made the focus wrong was the name of the legislative candidate, namely Dien Ganjar Prabowo. As is known, Ganjar and Prabowo are currently competing in the presidential election.

I don't know whether the name of the legislative candidate is his real name or just a gimmick. However, the name of a legislative candidate that combines the names of these two presidential candidates might be able to make the election contest peaceful. Unfortunately, there was one presidential candidate who was not included, namely Anies.

"Wow, how come Mr. Anies wasn't invited," wrote the account owner in the caption quoted by , Friday (9/2).

billboards for legislative candidates make you focus wrong  TikTok

photo: TikTok/@heypips66

Dien Ganjar Prabowo is a legislative candidate for the Yogyakarta City DPRD with elective area 1, namely Kraton, Mergangsan and Mantrijeron. The number 9 is written, which is the voting number. In the Yogyakarta City DPRD, there are 40 seats being contested in the 2024 Legislative Election.

Based on data from the Yogyakarta KPU, there were 493 legislative candidates who registered to compete for these 40 seats. These legislative candidates are divided into 17 political parties. In each electoral district, the number of legislative candidates varies so that in each electoral district the quota for winning candidates will also be different.

billboards for legislative candidates make you focus wrong  TikTok

photo: TikTok/@heypips6

It's only been posted a few hours until this article was written, the video has already attracted a lot of attention. This is proven by the audience which has reached thousands.

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